certificate. “I’ve never cut my hair. Today…

This 36-year-old Ukrainian has been growing her hair since she was five years old. She became a real princess Rapunzel and made it her professional activity.

“My mother often told me that the true beauty of a woman lies in her hair.” this is the wayAlina Kravchenko, 36-year-old Ukrainian Living in Odessa (Ukraine), he explains the motivation behind his choice, since he was five years old, to never cut his hair. known as “Ukrainian Rapunzel”referring to the Princess Grimm fairy tales that Walt Disney drew an unforgettable cartoon in 2010, This woman wears 1.67 m a long hair Now 1.95 m… which occupies a large part of his time!

In order for this mass of hair to be healthy and continue to grow, it must be taken care of very seriously. First: washing and care: once a week, with natural preparations. It takes an hour to properly wash and rinse my hair. Sometimes I apply organic professional cosmetics but, The real secret is natural oils, homemade dried fruits, nut and cheese masks !Young woman’s details.

Alina Kravchenko: “I forbid the use of hair dryers and curling irons”

The young woman is convinced Direction principles low stoolthis method Detoxing hair Which calls for spacing the frequency of shampoo and rejects synthetic products. Equally important is the moment of drying. Radical way? I ban hair dryers and curling irons and never brush my hair when it’s wet. I let it dry naturally, without touching it. It is longer because it takes several hours depending on the weather.”Details of our hair expert.

The last ritual of respect, brushing the teeth. “Repetition? After every wash when my hair is dry, then twice a day, morning and night. Never comb, as this can break or damage the fibers”asserts the young woman who, for safety, lives most often with her hair tied up.

Alina Kravchenko: “People often ask me if it is a wig!”

Contrary to popular belief, let your long hair grow No effect on healthExplains Alina, who is in good shape and has no metabolic deficiencies. today, Her exceptional hair is the main part of her professional activityeither as a model or as a set of events for children where she appears, during birthdays, in the guise of Princess Rapunzel.

People often come to take a picture, get an autograph, and Ask if not not a wig, as you say. Of course, it is great that the beauty of my hair evokes so many positive emotions.”, she proudly adds. But in the end, as in all fairy tales, what matters is love. “To have long and beautiful hair, you just have to be patient and love it”confirms to the person who posts pictures of her regularly 85,000 fans on Instagram. For Alena, things are clear: love is in poetry!

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