Toronto attacks Bell 21 but helps Islamists

Let’s start with some good news. Justice for Quebec (which she founded) is suing Toronto, which wants to donate $100,000 to groups challenging Bill 21. This gesture forced the city to back off. I decided not to pay the money until the courts have decided on the matter. This is the first small victory.

Secularism promotes racism in Brampton

Toronto is doing exactly like Brampton. Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown justified his decision by saying that Quebec’s secularism promotes racism in his city. John Tory, mayor of Toronto, for his part, called for the defense of the Canadian Charter. In a document he brought to court, he claimed that Bill 21 bars those who wear religious symbols from participating in civic life. Toronto must “reassure residents and visitors that the city will welcome people of all faiths and protect their freedom.”

His city will specifically host the Muslim Association of Canada (MAC) conference in July. This organization publicly claims to be the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, an extremist Islamist group.

Hijab mother of the grave

The MAC will present multiple conferences, including one presented by Omar Abdel Kafi. He had previously said: “A woman who leaves her hair uncovered in public view has committed a sin that deserves the torment of the grave and punishment on the Day of Resurrection.” According to him, the September 11 attacks and the attacks of Charlie Hebdo These are plots hatched by France and the United States to be able to unfairly accuse the terrorists who perpetrated them.

Abdel Kafi also believes that Muslims should not shake hands with Christians or walk the same sidewalks as Christians. He also called for the killing of Jews. It also led to the cancellation of a conference he was scheduled to give in Ontario in 2018. The person in question also made public anti-gay comments.

These are the people who gravitate around the MAC. This did not prevent Toronto from organizing charitable events jointly with Al-Mutawa and Al-Qadi. In 2019, Mayor Toure said: “This Muslim community plays a huge role every day in every corner of our community to build a strong, caring and inclusive city.”

Toronto is not alone in love with the Mac. Ontario paid him $225,000 to produce an anti-Islamophobia video campaign for schools. Justin Trudeau, who also decided to challenge Bill 21 in court, paid $349,210 to the organization.

This is where Canadian multiculturalism, the official ideology of our country, leads us. On the other hand, we commend the Islamic groups that invite and fund hateful speakers. On the other hand, Quebecers are accused of racism and intolerance because of Bill 21, and they are being brought before the courts.

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