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Did you know that, contrary to what we thought, a bob is actually a good cut for a square face? Well, it must meet some additional conditions such as not stopping at the jaw line, including some waves, etc. It turns out that the so-called wavy bob is very flexible and plump in other specific contexts as well. For example, it can be adapted to any age and can be worn with your head held high. This is how some of the most glamorous American movie stars of their 40s and 50s did it.

Square cutting does not stop evolving!

When hearing about the bob cut, many people only imagine the classic straight look from the 60s. In fact, the history of this hairstyle is quite long which also determines its multiple interpretations over time. Square tends to make a surprising but always attractive slipper.

Square corrugated woman 50 years shaggy gray coloring look

In its contemporary form, the pop in question is less blunt and more ambiguous, often decorated with ripples. This is exactly what “wavy” means in English: wavy. No ambiguity here, when we say square wavy, we are referring to the short and medium length haircuts (which run between the ears and the shoulders) whose locks have taken the form of very soft waves. Often, charming side bangs are also present.

square-wavy-short-white-hair-woman-50-60 years

The last arc must be unlocked before you can take advantage of the inspiring suggestions in our gallery. Hollywood stars have introduced that not all women are over the age of 50. Some are smaller than others, but the focus here is on gorgeous wavy bob cuts that are actually timeless. Let’s see some examples!

The 50-year-old woman’s wavy bob or the modern wavy bob according to the celebrities

Square wavy woman 50 years old copy Hollywood stars ideas

Blondes, redheads or brunettes, American actresses know very well how to wear their hair to highlight their origins. In the end, these girls have a team of professional stylists who take care of every detail of their appearance, especially when they have to appear on the red carpet or participate in another special event. So nothing is left to chance!

Meg Ryan and her disjointed wavy square that became iconic

Meg Ryan Square Wavy Shaggy Blonde Woman 40 50 Years

Meg Ryan (currently 59, but younger pictured above) has long become one of the most famous ambassadors of the wavy and even shaggy cut. Currently the rough look is back, so greenlighted a loosened bob saying “I just woke up”.

Square Wavy Woman 50 Years: Viola Davis knows how to make her smile pop

wavy bob with bangs 50 year old woman wavy bob Viola Davis

Delicate waves lining the face and side bangs are ideal for softening angular facial features. This makes it possible to emphasize strong points, emphasize the beauty of the eyes, express a smile, etc. Hiding Small Imperfections and Optimizing Assets: What more than a cut to call it successful?

Ellen Pompeo opts for the long wavy square and sun-kissed hair color

Ellen Pompeo Long Wavy Square Shoulder For Women 40 And 50 Years

Also, keep in mind that the right coloring technique can really revive the waves in your romantic bob. Blonde on blonde or copper on brunette balayage will perfectly complement the look of your waves and add more movement around your face.

Cameron Diaz proves that a wavy bob works perfectly for fine hair

Cameron Diaz Ray Cote Bangs Wavy Square 50 Years Old Woman

Another important advantage of the wavy haircut is that its wavy structure is ideal even for fine hair. In fact, “waves in the hair” will create the impression of more volume which is always welcome for ladies with thinner, flat and brittle hair.

Curls All Over The Face: Lisa Edelstein Adopts An Elegant Retro Look

Square Shape Wavy Curly 50 Years Old Woman Ideas for Stars Lisa Edelstein

Women’s Wavy Bob 50/60 Years: Kim Basinger wears a bucket hat with a side parting

Square Cut Corrugated Idea For Woman 50 Years Side Line Kim Basinger

Lana Barilla opted for a jaw-length wavy bob for her brown hair

Lana Barilla square corrugated jawline parted woman 40 50 years

Square Wavy Cut of 50 Years Old Woman: Julie Bowen and Her Beautiful Blond Hair

Julie Bowen Bob 50 year old wavy blonde woman

The wavy lob is definitely fun on Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock Wavy Square Bangs Bob Wavy Woman 50 Years Old

Gillian Anderson and her gorgeous hairstyle during the photoshoot

Gillian Anderson box frage on the side fitting 50 year old woman

Nina Dobrev is only 32 years old, but her wavy bob with bangs suits all ages!

Nina Dobrev Wavy Square With Bangs For Fashionable Women

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