Reverse Shaded Hair: The Most Original Color Trend of 2022

Attention seekers of color inspiration: Reverse shaded hair is the original trend of 2022. What is it? We tell you everything.

What is ombre reverse hair?

The reverse ombre hair It’s just a file reverse shaderif translated into the language of Molière.

This coloring is inspired by the huge trend of shaded hair, a true phenomenon of the early 2000s.

As you understand, in 2022 we are reinventing shaded hair by reversing it. Instead of having dark roots and somewhat lighter lengths, we do the exact opposite. We’re actually going to do a color gradient on our hair, going from the lightest on the roots to the darkest on the ends.

This original technique is increasingly popular on social networks, in particular thanks to billie eilish. The American singer recently dared to green roots with black lengths.

Reverse shaded hair who is it?

Good news, Reverse Tinted Hair adapts to all hair colours.

However, it will be easier to achieve it for those who already have a clear base.

Dark-haired people should go through the coloring box to lighten the roots. Technique best to rely on expert hands.

Moreover, we advise you to do reverse hair coloring in a hair salon and not at home, especially if you are not used to coloring your hair yourself. A professional will take special care to achieve a harmonious gradation between the two colors, to avoid too sharp demarcation.

The advantage of ombre reverse hair is that you can adapt it to your taste.

For now, the trend is polar blonde at the roots, with brunette lengths.

If you do not want there to be a significant difference between the two colors, you can choose a shade slightly darker than the color chosen for the roots. Guaranteed natural result!

The most daring can be seduced by more original colors, like Billie Eilish. For example, we love shades of pink or blue!

Do not hesitate to seek advice from a hairdresser before embarking on the plunge.

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