Lot-et-Garonne: Why did Corsican open a hair salon in Dawes?

A new project in a rural village is concerned with preserving its attractiveness and vitality.

A new company has just opened its doors in the village of Dausse. Under the name L’Atelier de Pauline, it hides a hair salon and an accessory and jewelry area. From Bastia (Corsica) coming to settle in Dawes, Pauline Hoyt, a hair stylist of 20 years, returns to her roots in this city where she arrived at the age of nine. She created two different spaces in her store.

Well-being in the spotlight

For luxury with comfortable armchairs, a mixed hair salon offering hairstyles for men, women and children, a hairdresser to find the best haircut to suit the shape of the face, a barber for a flawless shave, beard or mustache. A shopping area for jewelry and accessories (bags, scarves, clutches, belts, etc.) but also a corner for beauty products for women (the L’Oréal brand) and for men (the Davy brand developed in Dordogne).

Spacious, modern and elegant sitting room, a fun place to bow to yourself, a cocoon moment; To discover for sure. L’Atelier de Pauline – 206 route de Tournon – Open Mondays 1pm-6:30pm, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 9am-12pm and 1pm-6:30pm, Saturday 9am to 5 pm. Closed on Wednesday. Make an appointment: Planity (online), or by phone. 05 53 71 88 01. A word from Mayor Gilbert Guerin that seeing an open business in this village is truly satisfying. “Dausse is one of those vibrant villages where life is good and we are doing our best to keep it that way.

A local dynamist

We are working with the municipality to maintain its attractiveness. With the opening of L’Atelier de Pauline, we have a sense of success in our work to maintain the local dynamism. It is a powerful symbol to see a trader settle in the Dawes. He understands that opening a business in a rural environment is difficult, and that you need courage, convictions, belief in your venture, and giving yourself the means to succeed. But this design must find a resonance at the population level in order to perpetuate these projects.

“The maintenance of the school, the survival of the shops, the means of the municipality pass through the connection of the residents with their quality of life and their environment. Everything is intimately connected and can develop rapidly if we are not aware of our individual responsibilities. To add: “I believe in the Boleyn Project. I know our new shopkeeper well and she is hard at work, because she is my daughter. »

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