Drugged and filmed and sexually assaulted by her stepfather, Charles de Gaulle’s petty officer

Like many, L will remember his twenties all his life. However, before she put out the candles on her birthday cake, the young woman went to the Assize Court in Toulon to attend her stepfather’s trial. his executioner

There she saw Jeffroy Jordan, a former petty officer of the Charles de Gaulle, to four years in prison and, in the end, to five years of social and judicial follow-up. He was convicted of sexually assaulting a minor, violating privacy by recording images of a sexual nature, corrupting a minor, or ingesting a substance likely to alter discrimination.

Hidden cameras in the bedroom

The particularly sordid realities occurred between the Six-Fours and Carqueiranne between 2016 and June 2020. Then he (L) lived with his mother and companion. For a while, teenage hair “amazing”. Sometimes it happened to ‘feeling unwell’ in a complete meal. Not remembering whole evenings. To get up in the morning without pants. Or with the unpleasant sensation of being caressed in her sleep … Each time these strange events occurred, she noticed that her stepfather was present in the house …

Those vague doubts would turn into certainty in early June 2020 when she discovered a flashing red dot in a painting hanging on her bedroom wall. basic “wifi jammer” Jeffroy reassured her. But a few days later, while doing his chores, L. On the floor, I found the SD card. Watch it, dread. Her antics were caught with her boyfriend at the time, A.

l’s mother warned. Then on assignment, Jeffroy explains that cameras have been installed to monitor L.’s violent friend and possible drug use… Adopting these explanations, C let his daughter leave the family home. “I was wrong to believe this monster instead of my child, Crying at the hearing. I thought he was innocent! “ Blind to the truth, she will even choose to continue living with the defendant after his first police custody, in December 2020.

Evidence destroyed

This came after L denounced the facts of the social worker at her high school. In front of the palace battalion investigators, Jeffroy denied in Block. The police could not oppose the exploitation of SD cards or cameras destroyed by L.’s maternal grandfather. “on request”confirms C. – “She is lying, Her daughter replied. I just asked him not to watch them! “

After all, L.’s hair was sampled and Geoffroy Jourdan’s phone was seized. The latter was exploited to prove decisive. “I have seen atrocities in my career, but it is so unfathomable, Cheer for President Mary Laurie Arnwell. The searches on your phone speak for themselves.” Focusing specifically on paraphilia (1), they suggest that the defendant wanted to re-create the horrific scenes he had been watching on his cell phone on his daughter-in-law.

Doliprane sleeping pills

“I let myself be overwhelmed by this fantasy, Jeffroy Jordan admits. At first there was a simple espionage, then after that…” Then, as the scientific results of ‘L”s hair proved, the 1930s did not hesitate to drug the teenager as he confessed while in police custody for the second time in June 2021.

The benefit of a prescription for Zolpidem, a powerful sleeping pill – “on me Charles de GaulleMy bed was under the runway and I had trouble sleeping.” – He did not hesitate to open Doliprane and Dafalgan capsules to slip into sleeping pills.

“He was giving it to me while I had a headache, The young woman remembers. I also remember that he filled my water bottle himself and that my little brother was not allowed to drink from it…” “You could have died from an overdose, His attorney, May Elodie Belcker, was outraged, expressing regret that the defendant had not confessed to anything more than what was stated in the file. Was there rape? He was not prosecuted for this due to lack of items, but we can only be suspicious of it…”

“band pulses”

For a year, Jeffroy Jordan was an exemplary prisoner. After very regular psychiatric care, he became aware, according to his lawyer, of his deviation and deviance “scopic urges”. “The psychological expert noted in his last report that the risk of recurrence is low for him”, Me François Toucas concludes, specifying that his client will settle in Hérault at the end of his sentence.

L., for his part, “he goes”. Neither good nor bad. After her separation from her mother, she was able to count on her boyfriend’s family at the time to stay afloat. Since then, she reconnected with her father and successfully passed the entrance examination to the police academy. “I wish him to regain confidence in others, and to sleep, Breathe, move, I’m Belcare. And peace. Especially peace.”

1. Paraphilias are recurrent and intense sexual fantasies or behaviors that involve unfamiliar objects, non-consensual children or adults, or involve suffering or humiliation of self or partner.

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