why does it matter. The case of Alan Schmidt

A highly anticipated decision in sports. The Paris Court of Appeal begins its deliberations in the appeals trial between Alain Schmidt and Margot Pinault, from 1:30 p.m. The judo coach was released immediately upon his appearance on 30 November for perpetrating domestic violence against the Olympic champion by the Bobigny Criminal Court in Seine-Saint-Denis. A reminder of the facts and the impact of this case.

what happened ?

On November 29, 2021, Tokyo Olympic champion Margot Benott filed a complaint against her companion and former coach, Alan Schmidt. She was allegedly attacked at her home in Blanc Mesnil on the night of Saturday to Sunday. Margot Pinot alerted the police after finding shelter with a neighbour. She then filed a complaint and a doctor at Bondi examined her, and issued her an ITT (total incapacity to work) for 10 days.

The couple, who did not live together, was on the verge of separation after a turbulent relationship that lasted several years.

What does Margaux Pinot say?

“I was very scared. It was violence as if I had never witnessed it before. Yet I am a combat sport.” During the hearings with the police, the court made it clear that she was on her bed when her companion, who had gone to her house drunk after, told her He left, “Bad Stuff” before he caught it. From her hair to bring her to the ground, climb on top of her, punch her in the face and hit her head on the ground. Then, in another room, he would try to strangle her before she escaped and turned to the neighbours. “If they weren’t there,” she said, “I would have died.”

What does Alan Schmidt answer?

The facts occurred when Alan Schmidt was preparing to leave for Israel, on the same day, towards a “new life” by assuming the leadership of the women’s judo team in the Jewish state. “I have never hit a woman in my life,” replied the coach, who highlighted the fight and the mutual blows. “In my life, I have never put five punches on anyone. And if that had been the case on a Saturday night, she would have died quickly.”

The Israeli Judo Federation canceled his proposal and cut ties with him. Margot Pinot is lying because she doesn’t want me to leave, and besides, it worked out. »

Bobbini court verdict on 1Verse Dec

The Bobini Criminal Court was released late at night from Tuesday 30 November to Wednesday 1Verse judo instructor december

“The court is never responsible for telling who is telling the truth and who is lying,” recalls the president of the Bobigny Criminal Court in Seine-Saint-Denis. The three judges did not have “sufficient evidence” to enter sentencing proceedings, and they were released.

The claim is appealed.

The sports world is moving for Margaux Pinot

After the release of Alain Schmidt, many voices rose in support of the French judoka: French judoka Clarice Agbeneau said she was “shocked” by the court’s decision; “What needs to be done to ensure the victims are heard? That the attackers are found guilty?” asked Teddy Rayner; “Today it is sad to say that, but as long as there is no death in the end, it remains 50/50,” Amandine Bouchard wrote. What justice awaits the judiciary … to punish “…

Even the French Judo Federation declares itself “stunned” by the release. “We didn’t understand and were stunned, we got the knockout blow with the decision,” explained Stefan Nomis, president of the federation. I don’t understand how anyone can say there is no proof. I don’t have the whole file, but when you see its status, I find it hard to understand how someone could not say any clue. For ordinary humans, the lack of evidence when seeing Margot’s head is incomprehensible. »

Alan Schmidt, for his part, claims to have received a hundred “death threats”. “I can’t go to my apartment alone. I don’t know where my life will go. It destroys me socially.”

Appeal trial in April 2022 and deliberation on June 10

Alain Schmidt appears before the Paris Court of Appeal for “acts of domestic violence” against his partner, Margot Pinault. This time, he was asked for a one-year suspended prison sentence. Both campers are on their sites.

Judgment is reserved until June 10. So the court must either confirm the acquittal for lack of evidence, or issue a new court decision.

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