This damaged hair treatment is a best seller at Sephora online

Previously reserved for professionals, this #1 Sephora hair care product is fun for damaged hair sensitized by chemical treatments.

In 2017, the hair care sector accounted for 14% of the turnover of the French cosmetics industry, placing it fourth after care products, perfumes and hygiene products.

At Sephora’s online store, there are certain products like Morocanoel Multipurpose Care or Christophe Robin’s Prickly Pear Oil Mask, which have been widely acclaimed by consumers, but the product that breaks all sales is nothing but OLAPLEX Pre-Shampoo Treatment No. 3.

OLAPLEX N° 3 Skincare Repair, #1 in sales at Sephora

Launched in 2014 by two PhD students in chemistry, the American brand OLAPLEX Its mission is to reduce the damage caused by chemical treatments, heat or even pollution, but also to restructure the hair fiber for stronger hair every day.

How ? Thanks to the patented active ingredient (bis-amino) which has the ability to repair disulfide bonds in the hair structure at the molecular level. Promising, isn’t it?

The No. 3 of OLAPLEX It is a pre-shampoo treatment used in between two chemical treatments to strengthen damaged hair, or the day before bleaching to help it better resist hair.

To take advantage of the “magic wand” effect on the lengths, apply generously from roots to ends, on towel-dried, unwashed hair, leave the product on for ten minutes, and rinse before drying, using your usual shampoo. Depending on the condition of her hair, it can be used occasionally and up to twice a week.

Formula level, we won’t lie to each other: If you’re a fan of Clean Beauty or natural products, this product isn’t for you. In fact, it is mainly composed of synthetic molecules, some of which, such as tetrasodium EDTA and phenoxyethanol, are distinguished for their potential impact on the environment or health. FYI, the remedy was reformulated at the beginning of 2022, and one of its aromatic components, lily, has been banned by the European Union and the United Kingdom.

As always when it comes to cosmetic ingredients, it is up to you to form an opinion according to your personal charter.

Find the N° 3 Hair Perfector treatment from Olapex, at €29.90 for 100ml

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