She spends long minutes of hell in her ex-boyfriend’s car

Acts of violence against his former companion, his refusal to comply, and various traffic violations. One evening, thanks to alcohol, this 28-year-old slipped from the jura pretty much. And she had to endure the consequences, this Thursday, in front of the Visoul Correctional Court.

The facts date back to the evening of March 19. The man drives to Gray, drinks alcohol and visits his ex-girlfriend, who is also the mother of his daughter, before dragging her into his car. Did she come alone? Reassure him yes. The victim, for her part, told investigators that she had gone up to get the accused out of his house, fearing for his daughter. That evening, the man had expressed a desire to re-establish contact with his ex-wife, which the latter refused, further declaring that he was pregnant with another—a claim that would prove false. “I went there on a lollipop,” the victim told investigators. I tried to run away, but he grabbed my hair. »

“I didn’t hit her”

Alerted by witnesses who witnessed the scene of the violence, gendarmes eventually found the defendant’s car in downtown Gray. At the wheel: the accused who, after accelerating for the first time, ended up stopping his car in the middle of the road and trying to escape on foot, before being arrested. Support, the victim will be sentenced to 7 days of total incapacity to work.

A transcript of the facts not fully shared by the defendant: “I came to Gray because she called me, to tell me she had been assaulted a few hours earlier. When we got there, we argued, but I never hit her, I didn’t hold her by the hair,” he says, acknowledging at most He grabbed the victim by the arm, probably strong enough to leave a bruise. Even if it means contradicting the statements of many eyewitnesses who actually described the violence and the stunned victim.

And the medical certificate that proves the hair has been pulled out to the point of leaving a “hole” in the scalp? “Maybe I caught them by pulling his arm,” the prosecutor asks, advancing without persuasion.

“I wanted to provoke him,” says the victim.

In this context, the testimony, which the victim sent to the court to acquit the accused, gave a certain color to this file: “I was jealous of his new relationship, and I made sure that he passed on to Gray, and I saw that he says the victim in this letter: “I was drunk, I took advantage of him.” I wanted to provoke him.” “I regret putting him in this situation. »

“I note that in this testimony, the victim in no way traced back to the violence committed that evening,” notes the prosecutor, for whom there are sufficient elements in this file to describe the facts. It requires 18 months of imprisonment, including 8 accompanied by a probationary suspension, and three months for refusal to comply.

“The violence is recognised, because he admits that he grabbed him by the arm, as well as traffic violations,” the defense presents in favor of the accused. “My client is not known for acts of violence (he’s mentioned five times in his record but not violent, editor’s note). He was entered, worked, and released analyzes showing he was no longer drinking alcohol,” demanding a mixed ruling, and a certain leniency from the court. The defendant will finally be sentenced to 20 months in prison, eight of which will be suspended, as well as three months in prison for refusing to comply.

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