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A true sign of a return to basics, combing hair restores its noble lettering. Here are some tips for adopting the correct gestures, from head to toe and above all choosing the right brush!

Often reduced to a simple gesture of hygiene, the fact of combing your hair far exceeds the initial reaction. It is indeed an inherited gesture that we often neglect. An essential beauty moment that contributes powerfully to the health of hair and scalp. Wasn’t it one of our grandmothers’ beauty secrets to run the brush a hundred times through the hair to make it smooth and shiny?

To separate truth from error, we interviewed experts in the field to reveal to you the advantages of this candid topical practice to make us always more beautiful and provide us with a real moment of well-being. As a bonus, a great selection of products to help you choose!

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Hair care: flick process

Detoxify her hair, give her lightness and give her a perfect hairstyle, it is possible with just a few strokes of the brush. Brushing is the only way to effectively remove dirt, impurities, traces of pollution or residue from styling products. “ITo provide real hair restoration Benoit Conroe, co-director of Carita Salon and hair care expert, explains. It also removes hair that is ready to fall out and frees the follicle to make room for new hair. ” For this it is necessary to work on the surface, avoiding penetration of the tool into the hair mass, otherwise the dust may mix with the sebum. warns Olivier Lebrun, founder of Olab Paris ( Do this ritual in the morning and evening to get healthy and fresh hair. The use of a brush also makes it possible to tighten the sebum from the roots to the tips, to make the hair shiny and protect it from dryness and external aggressions. Correct supplement? In natural hairs, they contain keratin which is in perfect affinity with hair fibers.

How to have beautiful hair: the art of detangling hair

Rubbing the head against the pillow, and rubbing against clothing promotes knot formation, especially if your hair is fine or weakened by sweeping or bleaching. By brushing them, you prevent this phenomenon and maintain a well-disciplined mane. Start with the tips, then gently work your way up to the lengths and roots. Choose a flat or pneumatic brush, with soft bristles or bristles, the latter is especially recommended if you use it on wet hair, as this prevents breakage.

A new brand in the hair brush market, beautiful brand La Bonne Brosse offers a set of 4 different bristles, depending on your hair type, hot colors and brush customization!

Healthy hair: how to give it a boost

The best ally to take care of your hair when you practice it before washing it, Brushing works like a pre-shampooMoreover, if it is carried out according to the rules of art, then a single application of the product will be sufficient. It is also ideal to accompany oil baths. No need to put a lot of elixirs. One or two full cups (in the case of long and thick hair) will suffice, provided you comb the hair well to allow the product to penetrate. This is valid for all treatments applied to dry hair such as day creams, butters or masks. Be careful, if you apply your treatment to washed and towel-dried hair, because you risk removing the product when detangling it. So it is preferable to detangle after the downtime, and as soon as you knead the mask with a wick.

@ Correct gesture: Give yourself a moment of real relaxation by stimulating 600 scalp nerve endings per square centimeter of skin thanks to brushing. He even calls himself during facial treatment protocols like those of Carita. The signature gesture of the house is performed with two brushes, swiped simultaneously on the forehead, the temples, the nape of the neck … You can reproduce it at home, with accessories with screws or bristles of different sizes, to invigorate the scalp and stimulate microcirculation. alternative? silicone blocks. The correct gesture: After combing the scalp, pinch the hair between the brushes as if you were using a hair straightener.

Hairstylist Olivier Lebrun, well known to all photographers and stylists, has created a brush that goes beyond just brushing teeth. Available in three versions to adapt to all hair types and also in a mini version, handy to put in your handbag or beach bag!

Which brush for which hairstyle?

naturally, The brush is essential for successful styling. Start by drying your hair well, then get a model that matches your needs. It is preferred by natural materials to avoid static electricity. Round shapes are ideal for styling, brushing: Bodies of small diameters should be used for curling hair and the same size, large diameter ones should be used to smooth out frizz or unruly hair. Half cycles are a fringe smoothing process, for example. ” If you crave volume, move the tool away from the scalp Olivier Lebrun confirms. Finally, to get brushing in a jiffy, consider the dried versions, which dry and style in one gesture.

what to buy : Massage brush, Leonor Greyl, €17 ( The Essential, La Bonne Brosse, €120 ( La Parisienne, Alexandre de Paris, 72 euros ( Scalp brush treatment, S.Heart.S, €110 ( Pramasana Scalp Exfoliating Brush, Aveda, €20 ( Round wooden brush, bachca, €27 ( Pure Boar Handy Bristle Brush, Mason Pearson, €202 ( Unique Travel Brush, Olab Paris, €75 ( Babyliss 9000 cordless heated brush, €179.90 ( T3 Airbrush Duo, T3, 200 euros ( New Airwrap, Dyson, 549 euros ( Pro Signature, Hot Tools, €69.99 ( Volume Rise brush, GHD, €199 ( Manta Brush, Virtue, €35 (

Find a very complete range of hair brushes, as well as brushes for body and teeth in the above slideshow by Isabel Lafond. Send a text message to Celine Mollet.

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