Photo Sophie Davant: At 59, her short hair is giving her a hard time and she’s not the only one

Thinning hair and difficulty combing your hair … Don’t worry, you’re not alone! Sophie Davant confides on Instagram because she doesn’t always know what to do with her hair. Here are our recommendations!

Sophie Davant’s famous short haircut It doesn’t come without its share of hair care and hours of styling! On her Instagram account, the introduction is honest. “Short hairdo…what a challenge! “She declares, and we can’t help but understand her. After the age of fifty, hair begins to thin and lose its density and volume. With frequent coloring and bleaching, the process can speed up depending on the quality of your hair. It becomes difficult to give a nice shape to your mane. We give you the best tips to make your job easier!

What cuts fine hair after the age of fifty?

There is no better way than that Revitalizes tired hair Who gave them a good chisel. If you can’t get enough of your lengths anymore, bet on three more flattering short hairstyles for fine hair: The short square like Charlize Theron, the genie like Sophie Davant or the boyish bit of Sharon Stone. These cute short haircuts add volume to the hair, frame the face, and are easy to style every day. Contrary to what some believe, They are just as feminine as long hair!

How to give volume to short and fine hair?

Because not all of us have a hairstylist who comes to our house to groom us every morning, we have to find Quick alternatives to always styling your hair even with tough hair. Our first recipe takes place immediately after washing the hair: Avoid sleeping with your hair still damp So as not to crush the hair fibers on the pillow. exactly the contrary, Dry it upside down with a soft towel Or a hair dryer that’s not too hot. Use your fingers to massage the scalp and activates blood circulation. You will have a file Healthier mane The root will immediately be removed from the skull. Clever!

At the hairdresser, ask to lighten your complexion with lighter locks on the top of the head. In addition to Gives a boost to the facethis makes size illusion For an easy 3D effect. Finally, go with oils meant for cocooning moments. Fats are useful for Nourish the hair fiber, but tends to weigh down the hair. Instead, invest in intense mousse! It’s a quick and magical little trick that applies instantly from roots to ends strengthens your hair Without exposure to the heat of styling tools. This is it Better for your hair healthIt works every time.

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