People MotoGP: For Viñales, the association with Maverick’s first name isn’t cinema

Viñales holds the first name that will define him among moviegoers who will approach MotoGP and is the maverick. The first name that identifies Pete Maverick Mitchell, a USAF pilot who knows the frantic adventures that make dark alleys shake. The second opus is currently being shown, more than 30 years after the first major hit and in which Kawasaki has also had its share of glory, with Kawasaki inside. An Aprilia official went to see him and admitted that his relationship with the hero played by the indestructible Tom Cruise is not cinema…

After a long wait, another good news has arrived for Aprilia’s official teammateAlex Espargaro : The release of the second part of Top Gun. A personal event he explained in remarks spotted on Corsedimoto: “ As you know, my name is Maverick from the name of the character that Tom Cruise played in the first part and of course this movie is very relevant to my life. I’ve seen it countless times After watching the second part in the preview and then with the fan club, he adds: “ I’ll see it a third time with my wife, I’ll even watch it a few times. Indeed, the beginning makes the hair stand on end “.

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Maverick Vinales: Top Gun is closely related to my life

There is no shortage of volatility, “We expect one thing and then another happens.” Maverick Vinales It finds similarities with MotoGP: I always like that they emphasize transcendence, discipline and teamwork… It’s something I also have in my work… The values ​​that are also present in the first part of the saga and that I have applied throughout my life throughout my career “.

A movie that has definitely affected his professional and private life and will continue to influence him. In fact, the pilot Aprilia releases anticipation: My name is Maverick and if I have a son he will be called too. It’s a deal I made with my wife a long time ago. If he was a man, his name would be Maverick, and if it was a woman, the choice would be up to my wife “. At the moment a girl named Nina was born, so maybe in the future…” I don’t know if I will have other children, but if a boy arrives, the first name will be decided. Confirms to the Spanish.

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