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Do you lose your hair in the winter? Normal !

Do not panic, losing your hair with the change of season is a very common phenomenon. The seasonal hair lossIt can be caused by various external factors such as: a change in light affecting our hormones, a change in diet or simply by using products that adapt to summer rather than winter.

Invest in the right care

Just as when you want to have beautiful skin, when you take care of your hair, it is essential to choose the right products. Take advantage of the change of season to make a small update in it hair routine. Replace your usual shampoo and conditioner and invest in a whole group : shampoo, treatment, heat protectant, serum… all the products needed to strengthen your hair fibres. With ginger or enriched with vitamins and botanicals, you will find enough to reduce hair fall while fighting dryness and breakage. You have beautiful and healthy silky hair.

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Take care of your hair from the inside

Since sometimes a flawless skincare routine just isn’t enough when winter hits, we can choose to give our bodies a little boost. It consists of as many vitamins and minerals as vitamin B or zinc, and there are now many food supplement To help us in our quest for perfect hair. Gum, chewable vitamins, 1-month intensive treatment or a bottle to dilute in a little water, all you have to do is choose your preferred method. And since happiness never comes alone, these supplements can have positive effects on your sleep or the quality of your skin. Why deprive yourself of it?

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