Neska makes fun of SCH’s haircut during her debut

SCH won’t bet on Nescafe

During the promotion of the Netflix show Nouvelle Ecole, the jury trio of SCH, Niska and Shay talked about their beginnings in music in an interview with Radio Mouv. The rapper from Evry was particularly amused by his friend’s haircut from Marseille early in his career while checking out his performance in Hurra at the time.

The first four episodes of La Nouvelle Ecole are available on Netflix. Several weeks ago, the popular video-on-demand service platform announced the launch of this program dedicated to French rap music to discover the new hard block of the game with SCH, Shay and Niska who will elect the winner of the event for a reward of 100,000 euros. “For me, it is engagement and determination. I am happy to share my experience. And my experience for the future generation of rappers or rappers. Show them that with determination anything is possible. It is the battle of life: starting from scratch and fighting for your dream.” The translator of Networks Tube was informed of his participation in this program. “All my youth I saw competitions of this kind. But not for our culture. Today, with Rhythm + Flow: A New School. We finally have the opportunity to mark a major turning point in French rap. He added an “S” on his part.

The jury’s debut at the new school delights the rapper

This week in an interview with Mouv’, the three rappers were asked about their rap debuts with amusing reactions from various members of the New School jury. They saw SCH’s freestyle from 2012 which validated Niska except for rapper Marseillais’ physical appearance in regards to his haircut, Frankly I agree. Aside from cutting a little frost He comments laughing. They also watched Charo’s first video in 2011 at the beginning of his career, which did not convince his followers. At that time… I wasn’t going to take you. I was going to say, ‘Maybe I’ll go back to season two’ declares “S”, Basically, SCH would not have put 1 euro on the Nescafé. However, he still got away with it.” Shay says.

The sequence ends with Shay’s “Cruella” clip released in 2011 with Booba showing that Niska does not validate, ‘I wouldn’t have taken her,’ ‘I would have said, ‘It’s cool, she has a hat’ SCH reacts lightly.

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