Make-up trick to never miss passport photos again

A makeup tutorial with millions of views on social networks shows how to create an attractive “filter” effect for a successful passport photo.

A few brushstrokes can save us from whining about our passport photo for the next 10 years. A makeup tutorial that went viral on social networks will ensure a perfect complexion and a “lifting” effect that will make our face stand out in our passport photos. The success is that the hashtag #passportmakeup has nearly 25 million views on TikTok, and videos of users trying out the look are piling up.

Georgia Barratt, the influencer behind the trend, revealed her method for recreating this makeup look that is a useful shot. The visual effect is based on a face contouring method that sculpts and enhances facial features.

Pulling effect and “fox eyes”

Using a brush and bronzer, Georgia Barratt shapes her face, beginning with sculpting her forehead just above the temples. Then she continues on her cheekbones by sucking on her cheeks to trace the hollow line. It then glides over her chin and down her jawline to form a “point” that lengthens the lower face. Finally finish with a brush stroke at the outer corner of the eye that allows for the “lifter”.

Georgia Barratt then chose a line of brown eyeliner that extends the look and accentuates the “piercing eye” look. She combs her eyebrows with a small bottle brush covered with hair gel, pulling the bristles up and to the ends. The secret to making it perfectly consistent, in her opinion? Highlight the bottom line of the brow with concealer to give it the look you want.

To finish, she enlarges her lips by drawing the outline with a nude pencil and enhances their volume by adding a touch of gloss. To prove the effectiveness of her method, the young woman filmed herself going to a photo booth after her tutorial. The result on paper is really convincing, but it looks very complicated. You can also choose to accept yourself naturally and take your face without a trick on your identity papers…until the next decade.

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