Judge Margot Pino case: Accused of domestic violence, coach Alan Schmidt released again on appeal

Coach Alain Schmidt was released again on Friday 10 June by the Paris Court of Appeal. He was accused of domestic violence against his ex-girlfriend, judoka Margo Pinot.

Judo coach Alain Schmidt was released again on Friday 10 June by the Paris Court of Appeal for acts of domestic violence against his ex-judo partner, Olympic champion Margot Pinot.

The two players had been tearing each other apart for six months on the benches and through the media about a violent quarrel that took place in November 2021 at Blanc-Mesnil (Seine-Saint-Denis), which the technician had already done. Released in April by the Bobigny Criminal Court.

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The 28-year-old judoka claims to have received several blows to the face by Alan Schmidt, which her former companion, 38, has always denied.

The coach’s first relaxation aroused indignation in French judo and seemed the beginning of a media battle between the athletes. The prosecution appealed Bobini.

During the two trials, the first in Bobigny in December, and the second in Paris in April, the two players did not change their line of defense, giving contradictory accounts of the events that took place in the judoka’s house.

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Alain Schmidt and Margo Pinault have had a love affair between coach and athlete at Étoile Sportive du Blanc-Mesnil, tied on tatami, since 2017. While he has to travel to Israel a few hours later to take over as coach of the women’s national team, the technician argues in the middle of the night with Margaux Pinot. He describes an angry and jealous woman who threw herself at him and then fight like a “hurricane”, based on judo. According to their version, the duo violently bumps into walls and objects in the apartment. He denies that he dealt the slightest blow to his comrade.

The scene was quite different, according to Margo Pino, who recounts a surge in violence from her then coach, her hair blistered, a barrage of blows and an attempted choke. Several bruises were noted in the following days on two champions.

His dreams of Israel were dashed by the affair, yet Alan Schmidt rebounded: he now coaches judo teams in Bulgaria. As for Margo Pinot, she won a bronze medal at the European Judo Championships in Sofia, Bulgaria, at the end of April.

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