In Val-de-Reuil, very sporty job interviews!

For Najib Boukerchaoui, taking his resume to a job interview is self-evident. Putting on his soccer shoes? “Much less noticeable,” admits this cute 20-year-old, with medium-length hair and a small beard. Najib is looking for a job, playing the game of “functional sports dating” between employers and job candidates, at Jesse Owens’ playground in Val-de-Rouil (OR). A “normal” exercise during which suits of ties and anxiety are abandoned by the professional meeting in the locker room.

Twenty-six anonymous people participated in this first edition. 12 job candidates and 4 recruits, all in ‘sportswear’. Nobody knows who he is and everyone is familiar with each other. For two hours, the group will first exercise in the form of small workshops. Among its members, “No more barriers,” comments Florian Desjardins, director of the Yure District Athletics Committee.

Objective, sacrilegious to the job interview, so that you do not miss the opportunity of “pearls” when you are a recruiter and the candidate does not put too much pressure on himself. What Dominique Lesor, Chairman of the Eurois Committee, explains, by observing a small group of athletes from afar: “Usually, the appearance of a recruit will not be the same, depending on your clothes for example, and you, the candidates, will feel anxious. On the contrary, Here we know nothing about all these little things that can make a difference.”

Imitation, coordination and motor skills: “The workshops they participate in can be beneficial to them later from a professional point of view,” says Florian Desjardins. Sports in the workplace is one of the Commission’s areas of work. Former president of the French Athletics Federation and former mayor of Val de Ruel, Bernard Amsalem confirms: “Sports in business is very positive. Studies show that it benefits activity and reduces absenteeism by 25%.

“A person is seen as he is.”

Back to the field. After a very short break and without returning to the changing room, the group proceeds to professional interviews. Interviews begin after recruits are “unmasked”; Impromptu on gym benches or soft mats. Bodies and faces are moved during these discussions, but they are calm. When a job interview increases stress, it is clear that exercise reduces it.

The meeting is organized jointly with the temporary agency CRIT, which recruits mainly in the industrial basin of Elbeuf, Rouen-Sud and the Sin Eur region, and offers unskilled jobs here, especially temporary assignments. Recruiters who have had time to see how applicants behave as a team can now look into some of the points.

Camille Lecomte, Recruitment Officer, provides temporary assignments and training within a packaging company in Val-de-Reuil. “It’s not at all the same as the approach behind the desk,” the young woman explains between two interviews. We won’t hire the same people because we’re breaking theoretical standards. The person is seen as he really is.”

Najeeb appears “qualified” from his meeting with “many good offers” including a three-day training course at Renault that could lead to an 18-month production operator contract. Sports dating job, “It really is better than the usual interviews”, the young man is now completely relieved.

For Zahra, her aunt who is waiting for her to make the trip back to their home, Najib did not necessarily achieve her goal: “We have 50 kilometers between our house and this workplace that we are offering her. And the operator, is nothing more and nothing less than working in the factory”, that is what makes it relative, which He came thinking about finding jobs in connection with the 2024 Olympics. “Make them play sports with their employers, why not, but in the end they are only offered this kind of work and precarious contracts, and I have doubts about the process.”

A new sporting action date will be held on September 22nd, in Sotteville-les-Rouen, which Zahra hopes will be filled with more diverse job offers. The union, organized with the Pôle emploi, promises that it will bring together a much larger number of companies. With better paying positions at stake.

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