Here are the 4 most important tips to fight oily hair

There are many hair problems in the world, but oily hair is the most frustrating problem you will find. It’s simple, it puts you in a bad mood, you have absolutely no idea how to fight this pest. In other words, you are annoyed by this! So, when you are told that there are solutions to avoid this problem, you are all ears.

Washing your hair every day is not right for you. In addition, you can imagine that this is not the best option. Don’t worry, here are the best tips to treat this hair problem.

#1. Eat differently to fight oily hair

Excess sebum is one factor that explains oily hair. If your hair becomes greasy quickly, you need to make changes in your diet. For example, foods that are too sweet or fatty should be limited. These work on the scalp as well as the skin.

Your main goal? Rebalance fat production by focusing on oilseeds, vegetables, fruits and grains. In addition, foods rich in vitamin B6 and zinc are excellent for fighting oily hair. In short, get out of the unbalanced diet.

#2. Change the way you wash your hair

First of all… are you sure you’re washing your hair the right way?

To get started, you should wash your hair by gently massaging your scalp and letting the product act for two minutes. Of course, we avoid rubbing the scalp too hard. Then rinse your hair with cold or lukewarm water, taking care to remove all residue.

Choose mild natural shampoos! In fact, shampooing promotes the activation of the sebaceous glands and thus the production of sebum. Hence the fact of choosing a soft and natural formula to avoid attacking the scalp. Take a PH neutral shampoo without silicone and without chemicals.

#3. Space your washing machines away

For the more hesitant people, it’s a trick that works! As you have seen before, washing your hair activates the sebaceous glands. The more activated it is, the more sebum it produces. Therefore, you have to stop washing your hair so often to avoid making the situation worse. The ideal situation would be to provide a maximum of 2-3 shampoos per week.

Greasy hair

# 4. Take care of your scalp to fight oily hair

Although it may seem repetitive… Hair becomes greasy relatively quickly, when there is an excess of fat and when you rub your skull more often. Therefore, to avoid oily hair, you should start by taking care of your scalp. What is the best advice to follow in this particular case?

  • Bet on green clay-based care
  • Rinse hair exclusively with lukewarm water or low temperature
  • Minimize the use of heating appliances and prefer drying in the open air.

So, what are the tips among those mentioned that you will apply soon?


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