Hair loss: what hairstyle to adopt?

How do you style your hair when exposed to hair loss? Or at least when we have the onset of baldness and the hair starts falling out?

We will try to give you some good advice not to hide misery but to wear it in style!

Hairstyle tips for men with baldness

For a few seasons already, men’s hairstyle trends have put long and medium hair in the spotlight. But rest assured, gentlemen, it is clear that sooner or later short haircuts will return to the fore (this is already the case in the summer of 2022).

But out of fashion, some men don’t really have a choice when it comes to styling their hair: in fact, how do you react when you start losing your hair? Should we “hide the misery” and hide the areas that have become more visible? Shave your head completely and assume you’ll go bald?

To help you see more clearly, we decided to evaluate methods that can help you … Lose your hair in style. Or rather, always look good even if you suffer from early baldness (more or less)!

Hair loss is fine but why?!

Why do we lose our hair?

Before reaching the solution, it is necessary to take care of finding out the cause of hair loss. Baldness can have many causes, it is not only a matter of age.

Contrary to what many men think, hair loss is not just a genetic or hereditary issue. exactly the contrary ! In fact, lifestyle is often the main culprit. And the Most often, the men who lose their hair early are the ones who are stressed on a daily basis.

But it is clear that summing up baldness in this way is too simplistic. This can also find its source in a medical treatment (with unwanted side effects), an overly aggressive shampoo that is not compatible with the nature of your hair or even lime deposits Which, in addition to sagging your skin, can weaken it.

Finally, if none of these causes you concern, we return to the initial hypothesis: that of genetics. If you have an “ancestor” who lost their hair early, you are more likely to lose their hair early as well.. Sorry.

If the problem is medical or related to excessive stress, the solution to the problem of baldness is ultimately “simple”. But if the origin is purely hereditary, then it seems difficult to go against the will of Mother Nature. Fortunately, science can give you some alternatives.

How do I stop hair loss?


First, synthetic materials can help you. We’re especially thinking about minoxidil. Primarily designed as a vasodilator and to combat high blood pressure problems, this product has also proven effective in various cases of hair loss.

Many professionals claim that minoxidil can slow hair loss, some even claim that you can see slight growth. But beware, the effects are far from immediate: the treatment should last at least 3 months and should last “for life” or almost benefit from the effects of this substance. It is also helpful to determine that hair loss can accelerate at the start of treatment and is normal.

In any case, even if minoxidil can be delivered without a prescription in France, we advise you to consult a specialist before using this type of product.

Serioxyl L’Oréal High Density Serum: €22.96

Hair Transplant

This is certainly the most expensive solution, but it is also the most effective. Winslegue’s friend himself used it and talks about it regularly on his YouTube channel. Some men do not hesitate to head abroad (especially Turkey) to take advantage of a more affordable surgery.

The transplant process consists of taking the follicles from the bottom of your head (just above the neck), to transfer them to the scattered areas. Since the follicles come from an area where hair never falls out, you don’t have to worry about baldness in the future. But you have to calculate At least 5000 euros to benefit from high-quality hair transplantation in France.

Hair Transplant

fake hair

Do not laugh, gentlemen! A wig can be a real alternative to hair loss. If chosen well, it can give a very natural result. It seems like quite a few celebrities are wearing it without the public knowing it… All that’s left is to investigate!

Suppose he suffers from baldness

Instead of searching at any cost How to stop hair loss Or how to hide this “thinning of hair”, wouldn’t the easiest way be to accept the loss of wool?

After all, don’t judge a guy by the amount of hair on his head!

What haircut do you choose when you become bald?

There is a basic rule that you cannot escape from: When you lose your hair, you should definitely choose a short haircut. This will make baldness less noticeable.

How many men have we seen cut their hair “before”… and a split top of the head? In these cases, the baldness area is obvious, so it is preferable to shorten your hair.

Plus, and contrary to what we think styles can still change when we almost have hair on the pebble!

Shave the entire head

Obviously, this is the simplest solution. Instead of leaving a few millimeters here and there, you can also get rid of all your hair. Admittedly, a “beautiful” shaved head does require maintenance, but it can give a firmer look. Do you really think Vin Diesel or Dwayne Johnson would have that much charisma with some brawls on their heads?

Dwayne Johnson in Baywatch
Dwayne Johnson in Baywatch

buzz cut

This style is not only for men who have lost their hair! Perhaps this is what makes this hairstyle so elegant. Concretely, it is very short, achievable with or without gradation, with more or less clear lines. An example of a star wearing a buzz cut? Drake or even Brad Pitt in Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

Drake’s Bumblebee Cut In A Hotline Bling . Clip
Drake's Bumblebee Cut In A Hotline Bling . Clip

Cesar hairstyle or “French crop”

This hairstyle is especially meant for men who have thinning temples. It refers in particular to the Roman emperor but is also closer to us George Clooney Who helped popularize this style (and not just in the movie Ave, Cesar!) or even Prince William (Before shaving his head.)

George Clooney in Hail, Caesar!
George Clooney in the movie Avi Caesar

The idea is to leave the length above the head and opt for a shaggy effect. But beware, this hairstyle can quickly make you look like a PPDA, with tufts of hair that painfully conceals misery!

PPDA – Source LeParisien

hair crown

Well, the top of your skull is now completely smooth. But nothing prevents you from letting your hair grow on the sides and back of the neck. Instead of imagining Dupond and Dupont of Tintin, tell yourself he can make you You look like Sean Connery. Said like that, it’s really neat, isn’t it?

Be bald like Sean Connery – © Stuart Crawford
Be bald like Sean Connery

longer beard

Finally, if you have lost all hope of the hair on the top of your head, you can compensate for baldness by accentuating your beard.

Many bald men become bearded, it is no coincidence: This makes it possible to re-balance the volumes and draw the gaze further towards the bottom of your face. And since the beard is trendy, no one will notice the lack of your hair!

On the contrary, there is no need to try to cheat with a ponytail: the result is often more ridiculous than anything else.

There you have it, you just got a complete overview of the behaviors to follow when you start losing your hair.

If you still don’t know how to react and (especially) which to adopt, Ask your hairstylist for advice : I am not the first nor the last man to suffer from baldness that he will face!

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