5 convertible cars for less than 20,000 euros!

June 21 and the beginning of summer is fast approaching! If you really want to take full advantage of the sun and rays, even while driving, there are no fifty solutions. You have to choose a convertible version, if possible that is not too expensive, like these five copies.

Before we move on to this list of fun cars, know one thing: There are convertible and convertible. In recent years, we have seen Cars are able to remove the top, but not completely because they retain their side pillars. If your hair isn’t quite in the wind, you still have some advantages.

Volkswagen Golf 2013, 9,990 euros

Golf, that’s a classicNot only as a compact car, but also as a convertible! In fact, The option “Poetry in the Wind” has always been in Germanwith a small Eos derivative of 5e generation. The Golf 6 is equipped with a soft top that is able to open and fold back in 10 seconds, up to 30 km / h.

Fiat 500, 2016, 10,290 euros

We mentioned that convertibles retain their side pillars, and here’s an example: the Fiat 500. As a result, Same cover and windows down, we don’t feel that sense of freedom as much as if we didn’t have a roof. On the other hand, IIt is possible to cover or reveal the passenger compartment even when driving at speeds of up to 100 km / h! There is good and bad.

Mini Convertible, 2010, €10,490

This is an excellent example of a truly authentic convertible! I’m not happy with the force Remove the top in 18 seconds and up to 30 km/h-This English car is a really fun car! Its sparkling 120 hp engine with manual gearbox is perfect for moving 1240 kg! At the wheel, it’s guaranteed fun, every hair in the wind.

Abarth 500, 2016, 14,990 euros

At Abarth, we keep everything that contributed to the success of the 500 Cabriolet, including its set-tops, but we make it (really) even sportier! There is no longer a small 70 hp engine, its power has doubled to 140 hp! In a bowl of yogurt, it’s amazing! Once again the roof is fully open.

Volkswagen Beetle, 2015, 19,490 euros

If the Abarth is a 500 with hormones, see Cox as the beautiful twin of golf. yes! Beneath her plump and charming shapes, she actually hides the same sheet art as in 6e A generation of bestsellers in Germanyexcept for one detail … Volkswagen has improved the operation of Canvas cover that can run up to 50 km / h!

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