12 easy updos for short hair to try in summer 2022 to look fresh and flaunt your style

Summer is fast approaching and as the temperatures continue to rise, we change our wardrobe and often our hairstyle too. Shortening your hair on sunny days is a very good idea for several reasons. Not only do you not sweat as much when it’s hot, but you also update your look for the holidays. Additionally, you can use a hair dryer less often or simply let your hair air dry. But short hair doesn’t make for a chic hairstyle, if any, does it? exactly the contrary ! And the 10+ short hair updates we picked for you prove it unequivocally!

In the summer of 2022 we make buns for short hair!

We have to be honest and admit that short hair updos aren’t exactly the simplest thing in the world. Apart from visiting your hairdresser for a special occasion, you can calmly ask a friend to help you when you aim for an impeccable result, for example, for a date. You can also do your hair yourself, especially if you want to have a messy low bun and not very elegant.

Can I do a bun on very short hair?

Stylish short braided hair bun idea easy to do summer 2022

Usually a minimum length to the shoulders is necessary to be able to make a bun. However, some short hair updos can be done at more modest lengths, such as a short bob that extends barely beyond the ears, and they look really impressive. Of course, army clips are indispensable in this context, because the elastic cannot hold the small threads together well.

How to make a bun on short hair a few easy steps

The first thing you need to do to achieve this elegant hairstyle is to create the impression that your hair is larger than it really is. To do this, it is not surprising, you have to reassemble them, focusing on the part proximal to the roots.

After that, the hair should be combed back and left bouffant at the top of the head. The next step is to tie them above the neck with a thin tie to get a small low ponytail.

Finally, take the end of the ponytail you just made and wrap it around itself. Secure the bun with hair clips and spray hair spray to make the hairstyle last longer. For more clarity, please also watch the video below:

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