When we remember the “crazy years”… [L’Agora]

By 2040, the current transgender fashion was supposed to end.

Hair loss will begin in young men between the ages of 20 and 30 who have enlarged, developing breasts of a sparrow. And then the terrible truth will erupt around them. At first, the neighbors will say, “Don’t think it looks like….” Then the obvious…

The problem of transgender youth is the false mirror that social networks carry. Those people who are in search of identity, feel bad about themselves and swallowed up by the desire to belong to a group, only see sexual transformations in pictures. or short videos. Where an illusion is sometimes perfect. But gestures, voice and facial expressions always betray the original gender. But these young teens, addicted to social networks, do not see these “gender expressions” that are impossible to hide. You can grow your breasts for Social Security fees and swallow your face with FFS (facial feminization surgery), and no man will ever be able to move, talk, look and smile like a woman.

I actually had this experience some time ago. Well-known photographer “A” in the scene of Nantes, was “present” in the coverage scene. A beautiful plant, a wonderful “woman” with a divine body! We were a few reporters sitting to listen to a report from the audience. This ends, the journalist gets up and there … the evidence appeared to everyone’s eyes! She wears an anti-COVID mask on her face, and has to take it off to ask a question and…. Ayew! Head! Jaw! Gestures! way to move! Fake female voice! Awkwardness in the room, everyone understands. he is too. No one listens to the prosecutor’s answer anymore. Everyone just looks at him. freaked out. trial including. We have all been arrested!

The illusion was perfect, but in reality it shouldn’t have moved and caused.

So in the year 2040, a large portion of transgender men into women currently in their youthful splendor will have a portion of a facelift to bring it back. And then the fashion will have changed 15 times by then. What is certain is that nutty feminism and androgyny will truly be the hallmarks of the twenties, the dreaded years. We will talk about it and remember the madness of this period and mock those who remained attached to this time. A bit like we laugh today when we see an old man in cowboy boots and bananas with Dick Rivers’ face. We’ll also laugh a lot at the vocabulary used during the “crazy years.” Because if we remember the 1920s as the “Magnificent Twenties”, we will remember the 1920s as the “crazy years”! Alas!

Women who become men will have hair all over. Their female biological clock will remind them that it is time to have children. Because these ladies may be strong and ardent lefties, their biological clock will also be ticking. Sadly, they will have damaged their tubes so much with the fertilizing hormones and pony-strength testosterone that they will discover their infertility late in life. And then, like old sidekick rockers, no one would want to climb on them to take a kid out of them. Crossing the hairy monkey side with a Norbert Dintersangel trucker, you’ll really have to be hungry… Knowing that your GPA and PMA will be off for so long, these bearded ladies will only shrink back in tears. and their cat.

In 2040, the transgender issue will be declared a “major national health crisis.” Because no one will ever become transgender anymore, the fashion has passed, but the untouchables between the ages of 18 and 30 in their twenties will begin to fill in their psychological emergencies. lost souls. Young mistake with terrifying consequences. Worse than getting a picture of a Raymond Brie tattoo in the middle of your forehead at 18 on a night of drinking! Even rainbow LGBT would be cliched. We’ll see old people being dragged, half wrecked, with well-started baldness from shriveling into coffee shops. HP Resident Assistance Associations. Women who turn into men seeking to become women again will grieve over their distorted breasts. They will shave four times a day to hide their beards and let their hair grow, which will also fall out due to hormones.

Ellis will be left out of the transgender wave of the 1920s.

In the year 2040, someone will find this text in the depths of the ancient web. Hello, comrade!


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