Violent husband and promises of Avalonie sentenced to three years in prison

On Wednesday, June 8, 2022, the 39-year-old Avalonian was tried by the Auxerre Criminal Court, in a domestic violence case, in Avalon.


On May 1, 2022, things go downhill at the apartment of a woman who lives in the Moreland neighborhood of Avalon. That morning, her husband plays a new scene of jealousy. Hysterical and suspects that his adulterous companion wants to leave the car. The keys are in the victim’s pocket, who refuses to hand them over to him. “I pulled her by the hair and threw her to the floor,” President Kevin Faizen recalls. “We had coffee, no one was talking. She was tired, the defendant explained. I grabbed her by the hair, but didn’t throw her to the floor. She pushed me away, let her go and then fell away in the chairs and table.” “It wasn’t the chair that brought down Madame. If you pushed her, you made her fall. Do you understand that she’s afraid of you??” , reformulate the president. The defendant blows loudly into his microphone, touches his face… He paused for a moment and shouted, “I’ve never hurt anyone.”

It was not for a violent purpose, but the gesture is there. I never threatened her with death, I really wanted to leave.

When the gendarmes intervened, a neighbor called them, the victim “under the influence” of her husband initially denied that she had been subjected to violence. However, she was notified of five days of temporary incapacity for work. But then she became acquainted with and lifted the veil of other provocative acts, from which she suffered for several weeks: the coin that her husband had placed over the door, with the aim of revealing the nightly movements of his wife whom he suspected of having a lover. The keys he steals from her to keep her from getting out. The position of the shower gel or washing-up liquid it controls. Where again it’s possible that the damp condition of the bath towel was used by someone else, he said. Not forgetting the letters written to his wife in prison, while awaiting trial: “Above all, warn them that you will not come to trial,” “Return to your statements and say that you have exaggerated, and pretend to be a crazy, unstable woman in love.” The madness that he attributes to himself is also a means of defence. But he’s crazy, according to psychiatry experts: “No abolition or change of discrimination, no psychiatric disorders.”

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Anna Françoise Jandao, a civil party lawyer, recalled that the May 1 facts are only the tip of the iceberg “of what the victim was subjected to, and demanded 4,000 euros in material and moral compensation.

All elements of the file show that he is not telling the truth,” said Ann-Lawrence Fuchs, a representative of the prosecution. “According to the judge, the defendant exercised “a real tyranny over the victim, with a desire to admire and possess.” He did not listen to his heart, but his motives.” She requested four years in prison, six of which were suspended. She asked to cancel the suspension (six months) on the background of the previous conviction. Dated April 27, 2021, for acts of the same nature, against the same victim.

Me Maxime Barbier, defense attorney, asked the judges to rely only on factual elements, in this case marked by the “total toxicity of the relationship, as we don’t know which is the most fragile.” A request to review the amount of 4000 euros requested by the civil authority downwards.

the decision

Avallonnais was found guilty of the charges. He was sentenced to four years in prison, including one year with a suspended sentence (obligation to work, prohibition of contact with the victim, prevent him from appearing at his home, installing an anti-reconciliation bracelet upon his departure). The court issued a deposit note for the company part. Add six months from the cancellation of the trial suspension in April 2021. The victim will be compensated up to 2,000 euros.

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