“Silent” hair salons offer customers to stop talking during their appointment

Silent barbershops offer clients to stop talking during their appointment. Getty Images

In Australia, hairdressers offer the possibility to spare their clients casual chatter while they cut their hair in the salon.

“Would you like to discuss with us or would you rather we remain silent?” This question is now routinely asked in some hairdressing salons in Australia. If clients wish the hairdressers not to have conversations with them, for the duration of the service.

“Some people just don’t want to chat. It’s really a relaxing moment,” hairstylist Ash Boughton said in an interview with the Australian edition of the newspaper. Watchman . The person who runs Salon Lane in Sydney has noticed a sharp increase in demand for these “silent” meetings in recent months. According to the specialist, “the need for quieter experiences has become necessary” since the Covid-19 pandemic.

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It is said that the popularity of the app in the country is like “Language [d’une expérience silencieuse] It’s now well known in the industry,” asserts Ash Boughton, who urges his clients not to be embarrassed about it: “Don’t feel compelled to talk about anything and everything if you’re not in the mood. We all want everyone to have the best possible experience,” she insists. Whether you prefer reading a book, answering your emails, or immersing yourself in your thoughts without saying anything, everyone is free to spend the time as they like. A view shared by Redmond Cliff According to him, while hairdressing in general is a “very talkative industry,” salons are also all-encompassing spaces, meaning that some clients want and should be able to “keep quiet and relax without talking.” “.

Concretely, all you have to do is call to book your treatment, cut your hair or color and request this “special option” right away. Shy people can mention this in a written questionnaire when they arrive at the salon or even email the hairdresser in advance if they don’t feel comfortable expressing it verbally.

Mutual benefits

Sometimes a little peace and quiet is good for the hairdresser. “It really works both ways,” Redmond Cliff emphasizes in this interview. Since a hair date sometimes feels like a therapy session to some, those moments of silence have benefits for hair artists as well. “It may seem unusual for a first-time client to order, but sometimes we appreciate it too,” adds Ash Boughton, acknowledging that it allows hairdressers to “focus on [leur] art”, because it is “a profession that requires precision and patience.” Moreover, the expert reveals that it is not uncommon in the profession to increase or decrease discussions by moving from one person to another.

Of course, more talkative people who want to keep in touch with their usual hairdresser or tell every detail of their intimate life can always do this. Everyone has a choice to remain silent or reveal their secrets. It will soon reach Europe.

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