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“You have an appointment ?” Nicola Waldorf was waiting for you! Popular hairstylist and makeup artist on M6 thanks to the show Incredible transformationsThe 30-year-old clips the ends and uses his scissors to bring clients’ hair back to life. From her living room that opened in 2014 in Paris to filming locations, Today in booksellers he gives his precious advice in his first book It was published on May 13 by Solar Publishing.

Through the pages of this hairdressing bible, Nicola Waldorf addresses both women and men by revealing the secrets of a successful haircut. Maintenance, coloring and style, this talented hair leaves nothing to chance. “Hair is really someone’s potential. It’s what surrounds the face, so it’s the first thing you look at,” he told Medisite (owned by the group) Arold).

However, the hairstylist of Italian-Vietnamese descent intends to Make a career in law by wearing a lawyer’s robe. To find out more, we made an appointment (by phone) for Nicholas Waldorf to tell us the secrets of his life. He reveals to us about choosing a hairdresser’s path after grief. “I was just dumped by my fiancée at the end of high school. I didn’t console me and my parents told me to go to the hairdresser, my head couldn’t be anymore,” he recalls. planet.

At that time a new hairdressing salon was opened in the neighbourhood. Nicholas Waldorf walks through the door and there it knocks… Or rather, love at first sight. “It’s simple, I fell in love with my hairdresser. A guy with tattoos everywhere, and he was driving mechanics. Everyone looks at him very sexy,” laughs our interlocutor. He wants to learn by her side, he wants to have an internship in this salon and continue their story. When Nicholas Waldorf announced to his relatives about his and his relationship with him, everything does not go as planned. “I came home and told my parents I wanted to be a hairdresser and live with him. I screwed up, I’m not telling you!”

“Extremely intelligent and talkative” during his childhood, however, Nicholas Waldorf had a definite fate. But the passion for challenge and his taste is stronger, despite the reluctance of his parents. He admitted before sarcastically: “I knew I had to show my mum and dad that I could get a good job.” “And then I didn’t really have a choice looking at the face they made next.” With the support of his grandmother, the CAP-trained hairstylist won and sailed toward new challenges.

Participate in other M6 group programs

In his early days, Nicholas Waldorf officially worked in several hair salons Before opening his studio in 2014 in the 11th arrondissement of Paris. To get out of the game, he prefers to stand out from his competitors. “I was created for entrepreneurship, I love to trade and invent concepts,” admits the famous hairstylist planet. That’s why the little hair prodigy also offers photography exhibits, yoga classes, and a participatory library (profits donated to charity). Before the opening of a second salon, his restaurant Kokotte Paris and the decor store Vadrouille Shop.

His non-stereotypical personality and frankness opened the doors of the Pakistan Air Force.. Before he became a hairstylist, Nicholas Waldorf participated in the 2015 show Five mind-blowing salons on the M6. A competition between hairdressers brilliantly wins. Then he came back after three years in the show you have a package in 6ter.

But in 2019, Nicholas Waldorf achieved huge fame in Incredible transformations Along with stylist Sharla Carter and makeup artist Leah Chicken. Two friends have a special affection for the host. “Relationships are very good. Charla is a great lady to me. I hate her a lot on air, but in fact, she is a woman I respect a lot and she has taught me a lot about clothes,” before Leah invokes Chicken as his “sister”. “She comes to trust me as soon as she has a problem or struggles to manage something. Then I always smooth it out well,” admits rapper Black M’s wife-friend.

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Extraordinary requests and reactions to its customers

Thanks to its popularity and activities, Nicola Waldorf has had the opportunity to change many clients by transforming them from head to toe. For better as for worse, according to the extraordinary requests of certain individuals. “The hardest part was in the Tecktonik days, a long time ago (in the 2000s, Editor’s note). I’ve seen women who come in with gorgeous hair asking me to put a short top on their heads,” recalls the celebrity hairstylist. For me it was the worst fashion, it was horrible.”

today also, His clients want to look like their favorite star. While some of her clients would like to have a signature Billie Eilish haircut, which is “inverted colors with green roots”, Others prefer the glamorous red carpet hairstyle. Among our most famous hairstylists, Jennifer Aniston, Amber Heard “but that was before the trial”, Caroline Riquefort “with all her cuts and colors” whispered to us, Nabila Vergara for “the long and dark hair” were whispered to us. trend” or even Jennifer Lopez.

On display M6 makeover, participants discover the result of their transformation with their loved ones. While some show spontaneity, others are more conservative. “You have people who will initially be shocked for ten minutes in front of the mirror, they will not talk,” Nicholas Waldorf confirms and admits, on set. “We can’t re-react, it’s in the moment and then we move forward. It’s complicated when a person remains conservative. Everyone has their own way of reacting.”

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His most important meetings with the stars

When Nicola Waldorf doesn’t exaggerate his experts’ advice in a book or on TV, He makes use of his hairdressing skills with several stars. From memorable encounters to the funniest, the 30-year-old doesn’t hesitate to drop us a few tidbits. Especially on the two former Miss France who had the opportunity to develop in his career.

“I had Iris Mittenaere’s hair done and it was funny because she arrived wrapped in a jacket with no heels or stunts,” Nicholas recalls to planet, admitted to not recognizing her when she came to the salon. “Actually, I didn’t see her come, I didn’t think she was.” Facing Miss Universe 2016, the hairstylist (and artist in his spare time) has remained fascinated by her beauty. “While we were preparing it, it appeared as a flower.”

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Before her, another beauty queen left from the south of France An unforgettable memory of Nicholas Waldorf. “I also had Alexandra Rosenfeld (Miss France 2006, Editor’s note), she was wonderful, “he recalls wistfully.” You had to take her in 20 minutes to do everything for her and she was on her cell phone. It was really the time when she was so famous and didn’t have time for nothing. When I looked at her, she was beautiful, but mind-blowing,” claiming she had “the most beautiful skin I’ve ever seen.”

But Nicholas Waldorf had some cold sweats, recently with Loana coming in to make a change to her show. If the dizzying transformation turns into a disaster according to the former star of loft story, the famous hairdresser had defended himself. “Suddenly, I liked poetry, and then she didn’t. I never took it myself, I suppose people don’t have my taste, nor the truth about it.”

finallyAnd the M6 hair care expert introduced to English hairdresser John Galliano. One of the most beautiful encounters of his life when he was still working in a salon located on the Place des Vosges. “With him, I really felt like I was entering Ali Baba’s cave when I came to his private palace,” enthuses the hairdresser. Locked up amid his priceless works and memories, then painted, he lived only for aesthetics. I was amazed at the same time, but he really was a beautiful person. I had the impression to see Edward Scissorhands, locked up in a palace. This encounter was so poetic I was amazed and stunned.”

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