Jessica Thevenin at her worst, a hole in her hair during the night

After a few whirlwind lanes in Marseille peopleAnd the Jessica Thivenin is back on the reality TV show. The young mother, who gave birth to her youngest Yuan one year ago, has set a huge challenge to take part in the adventure of survival. With her husband, Tibo Garcia, they formed the Reds. Knowing the fiery mood of Marseille, we already knew that clashes with the other candidates would spread this season. Extremely tyrannical in camp, Jessica manages to impose herself on others and put herself on the back of the Yellows (Virginie and Nicolo).

Returning home for several weeks, the candidate regularly provides news. And what happened last night is very strange…

Jessica discovers a hole in her hair

Like any self-respecting influencer, Jessica and Tybalt live in Dubai with their two children. Moreover, the couple recently bought a huge villa, which he showed to subscribers. Away from their family and friends, they often take some vacations in the south of France to spend time with them. Do strange diseases appear in Jess due to change in temperature or stress?

In fact, the beautiful blonde woke up this morning shocked.

Explains everything:Things are not going well this morning. I got up and realized I had a hole in my hair! I have a bald hole and don’t know why. I searched Google early in the morning. They say alopecia areata or stress. I live it very poorly! It seems that I only see it. I don’t understand what’s going on… Is it growing again? “

Jessica Thevenin’s position criticized by Kelly

From the first episodes of Apprentice Adventurers 5Jessica Thevenin has been criticized for her plastic surgery.

The candidate could find nothing better to do than administer injections into the lips and cheekbones before leaving to survive. For viewers, Jessica is disfigured.

As mentioned above, Thibault Garcia’s wife also receives a lot of negative comments due to her behavior in the camp.

Just like Joseba who is hated by netizens, Jessica is not unanimous about this adventure. Furthermore, Kelly Hillard admitted to drug use in sticksI covered it at Sam Zirah about this:

“We should give others a chance. We should not reach and think that we will never be nominated, that the field is open to us. If no one votes against you, because you are a big head and everyone wants to be friends with you for the sake of after the publicity and followers.”

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