In Paris, a health center for better management of women’s pain

You just have to walk through the front door to realize you’re not into classic health practice. In the waiting room there are no old, wrinkled magazines but specializing in gynecology and sex. Feminist poetry, too. Patients sit on very comfortable sofas and can listen to music while waiting for their appointment. We are in the first women’s health center, named “Poemana”, which recently opened its doors in the 10th arrondissement of Paris.

At the origin of this project was the will of a woman, Julia Ragosi. A 29-year-old physiotherapist, she wanted women’s pain to be better taken into account. “In the office where I worked before, women came in after 6-8 months of pain, after an episiotomy [incision du périnée lors de l’accouchement pour laisser passer le bébé]”, she explained. “Others came 3 to 4 months after breast cancer surgery, or even 10 years after a diagnostic walkthrough for endometriosis. I found myself a little alone to manage these situations. I wanted women’s health to be much broader, to have one place where she felt good, and where she could talk about any problem.

“Listen more closely to a woman’s body”

At this center: six physiotherapists, an orthopedist, a psychologist, a psychologist and two naturopaths who care for patients from adolescence to menopause. This project is already slated to expand since September, when the center will receive a sexologist, a childcare nurse and a midwife.

Multidisciplinary care reassured Claire, 36, who was carried out last year to treat her sciatica. “I was wondering to what extent there was a relationship between my very low back pain and uterine because I noticed the pains increased during periods.s,” are the details.The doctors who performed my operation could not explain to me why I was in pain. Here, in this center, there is clearly a more in-depth listening to a woman’s body, a universal interest. And when I arrived for my first consultative procedure, the professionals immediately told me: “We will try to understand.” This makes all the difference. “

“I know I won’t be judged.”

In between two consultation sessions, the center’s founder, Julia Rajusi, also runs joint training sessions for women with breast cancer. In the room, four patients do stretching, muscle strengthening and rowing exercises. Virginie, 42, underwent chemotherapy for cancer. These sessions are very helpful to him:It is true that it is difficult to find suitable places because there are things that I cannot do in terms of the process and in terms of my physical appearance.To continue:Here, I know I’m supervising a physical therapist. And then, I thought about signing up for the gym but obviously I don’t feel comfortable, I no longer have hair… While there, I know I won’t be judged and talking to the fighting sisters, it’s very important.

A center much like a shelter for patients who are not being listened to enough on their health journey. So much so that women come from all over the Paris region for consultations.

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