Fanny Lip was cured of cancer: how did she deal with the disease

After a musical break, Fanny Lieb, who turns 36 on Thursday, June 9, battled breast cancer. A painful battle mentioned in the columns of Gala and naked stars On TF1, in February 2020…

“I tried to be reassuring.” Still on the loose, Fanny Lib turns 36 on Thursday, June 9, and has been fighting against it for the long haul. Triple negative breast cancer. Diagnosed on December 4, 2018, she changed her life as an artist and young woman. A painful battle that was raised at length and without taboos in the columns of the magazine expensive And while appearing in Stars à nu on TF1: Having cancer is a horrible thing to ever happen to anyone, but when a 32-year-old daughter tells you she’s in danger of dying, it’s hard for father and mother. Not in the order of thingsconfessed at a party.

So the artist mocked himself his “weapon”for “be free” And the treatment of his suffering: When I started losing my hair, for example, my brother Tom enjoyed giving me a punk story and then a series of improbable looks before shaving the whole thing into a GI setting.“, She remembered. Despite chemotherapy and nausea, Fanny Lip thinks she has cancer “He was lucky”. and accept his illness “Allows to fight better”, I have been able. “Personally, I took my courage in both hands, trying to be confident in myself, and in my own recovery. Morale is very important in this disease“.

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Fanny Lip: “I wasn’t Stage with my self”

Michelle Leib’s daughter was diagnosed in her 30s after an accidental burn with hot water on her chest, and was clear about the cause of the cancer:True, I also wanted to analyze this cancer, find its cause, and explain its presence. But I really think that the fact that I haven’t been very good in my sneakers for a long time favored his looks very much. Above all, that cancer at the age of 32, there is no real explanation“, confirmed. Reinforced by this cancer, Tom’s sister Lip crushes life to the fullest: “I am less disturbed by everyday worries, I spend time with the people I love, and above all, I capture as many positive things as possible. In my music, I now write differently“.


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