Try to win the new Lazartigue collection for strong and voluminous hair

Whatever the season, fine and fine hair always faces the same problem: a harsh lack of volume…Good news, Le Petit Club gives you the perfect beauty set for sublime hair wear!

Whether we have straight, curly or frizzy hair, we all dream of the same thing for our skin: thick, silky, healthy hair, especially with the summer holidays approaching!

For those whose hair lacks extreme volume, there’s no secret: You urgently need to bet on the right products. The solution ? Volumize Collection by Lazartigue, a ritual that will bring body and density to flat hair.

A group containing two cult producers

Some hairs have trouble maintaining volume. For these, Jean-François Lazartegue imagined his Volumize collection. Formulated with a shampoo enriched with rice protein, an effective botanical ingredient that brings density and texture to the fibers by sticking to their surface without weighing them down. Effective from the first application, these plant-based proteins instantly deliver natural-looking, long-lasting volume. Hair is beautiful, light and thick.

For best results, use Volumize spray after shampoo. Fortified with an array of active ingredients that work inside the fibers as well as outside, this styling spray promises generous, natural volume for 24 hours! In addition to rice proteins, it consists of amaranth, which is one of the types of ancestral grains that increases the diameter of the fibers and makes it possible to double the volume … In just a few sprays, the hair looks thicker, denser and shiny. Good Hair Day is for you!

Good news, Le Petit Club offers its readers 10 beauty rituals including Volumize Shampoo, Volumize Styling Spray, Nourish Light Conditioner and Huiles des Rêves. To play and try to win this prize, answer the quiz questions below. good luck !

About Lazargue

Jean-Francois Lazartegue, a visionary hairdresser in the 1960s was one of the first to realize the benefits of botanical ingredients for hair health. So it was in 1976 – 13 years after opening the first hairdressing salon – He’s in the process of launching a hair care line that bears his name, using pure plant extracts. A pioneer in this field, breathing new life into the world of beauty at the crossroads of scientific expertise and knowledge of nature. His dominant idea is simple, he wants to counteract the damage to hair (strong treatments, coloring, bleaching, frequent drying, etc.) in the most natural way possible.

Since its inception, the philosophy of the house has not changed and is more than ever a part of the Green Clean era. At the same time, respectful of the environment, vegan and cruelty-free, the Jean-François Lazartigue brand offers a revolutionary botanical care, delighting all hair.

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