“Modern Diana Bob”, Mrs. Diana’s haircut is back in force

The sunny days are back, the temperatures are rising, and we only have one wish: cut our hair! Why don’t we dare trade our lengths for short hair ? All women who pass the course are happy. As a bonus, for several seasons, the square is Hairstyle The most fashionable. The proof is that she has already been adopted by the most beautiful women on the planet, such as Virgin Evira, Penelope Cruz, Jessica Alba or even Jennifer Lopez.

But then which box to choose? The short haircut is available indefinitely: from short square to long square, passing through the sunken square. Today a new trend appears. Or rather, it reappeared! It is indeed a haircut that was very popular a few years ago. The latest trendy haircut is named after “Modern Diana Pope”. Yes, you’ll get it, it’s already a matter of .’s famous hairstyle Princess Diana.

Diana’s short haircut, hairstyle for summer 2022

Diana Spencer, who died in 1997, remains a fashion and beauty icon. A true model for girls who do not leave their appearance to chance, she is also very popular for her hairstyles. She wore the bob like no other and styled it in a somewhat original way. Cut slightly at the nape of the neck, Princess Diana’s bob still had an amazing outward movement. Enough to clean your face and achieve maximum volume.

Mrs. Diana Khalida Square. This explains why it is always so Awarded in 2022. Andreas Wilde, hairstylist for Glamor UK, sees Princess Square as the big trend of this summer. “This look is a great idea for summer. It’s feminine in a masculine way” He said. As a bonus, Bob’s modern “Diana” look can be easily modified. “Play with it; try different partings – on the side, in the middle… – and when the hair grows out, don’t touch the square. You’ll get a sleeker cut” he added.

How would you design the “Modern Diana” plaza?

To give “Diana Bob” a touch of modernity, all you have to do is choose her version “Unstylized style”. Work to the ends of your short cut with a texturizing spray to apply to damp hair. “This is a very trendy look today and we see it being worn by a lot of Instagram influencers. It gives your hair an extraordinary finish, as Bob Diana goes from ‘royal’ to ‘perfect for every day'”Susie McGill, international artistic director of hair salons for the Rainbow Room, told Glamor UK magazine.

Does the “Modern Bob Diana” chant convince us? So go to the hairdresser and remember to stop at a perfume store or supermarket to prepare yourself with proper care and the best tools and appliances. For such a result, we advise you to invest in blower brush Perfect for achieving this type of brushing out with ease. Otherwise, of course, a simple hair dryer and round brush will do the trick!

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