Inflation or when an emotionally elected local official lowers prices for his constituents

With inflation, savings that have been hard to accumulate for years can melt like snow in the sun in a few summer months. People who take pride in offering their tour on the first day of a paid month, suddenly find themselves unable to show generosity. So it’s no coincidence that Elizabeth Bourne, like Joe Biden, who has made fighting inflation his priority, has been working on her first law for five years, the Fight for Purchasing Power Act! so what? My frustrated (and English-speaking) friends told me about it before adding “what’s the point, at our level we can’t change anything”. I admit, that’s what I thought a bit before I met Gaïa, a stranger with twinkling eyes who broke new ground on a subject that I thought was frustrating.

Gaïa, whose name could not be invented, told me about Christophe Viguier of AGC, who she called “Zorro of Purchase”. As La Dépêche reminds us, but also Le Parisien and the M6, this police officer by day, Chaumontel’s elected local official on the weekends, also became a buyer of basic necessities for his constituents (perhaps at night). He’s certainly endowed with feelings for the latter, having, already a few years ago, launched group buyouts to save them money. It shows that rising prices are not fatal and that the answer does not lie with central banks alone. Let me tell you everything this confrontation has changed for me.

The meeting with Gaïa took place on Wednesday, just before noon, when I opened the door to my bakery raising all his prices. She was there in front of me with her ebony hair and sincere smile. She looked at me as if we knew each other and my heart raced when she spoke to me on her way out. “We know each other, don’t we? She says, ‘” I do not know I answered her, because I feel like I (re) getting to know her without ever having met her. “I know, you’re Ludovic! I’m Gaia.” There, it is even worse, because even if I do not remember the first names, I will still remember that name. At my surprised look, I smiled, Actually, you don’t know me, but I do, because I finally read your blog with the catchy name: L’Entreprise Sentimentale. Ludovic may be a little arrogant, but are you free to lunch, almost here and now? Because I have to talk to you about an important topic: women’s struggle against inflation.“If you forget your to-do list, answer” Why not, you pique my interest, let’s have lunch at Coco de Mer 34, bd St Marcel, the best value for money in the 5th arrondissement of Paris, their lunch menu at €10 has not increased. In addition, it looks like the Seychelles, because it replaced the cobblestones with a beach. »« I love it, so go playa She answers, and walks with a firm step.

Just installed, she started looking me in the eye as if she weighed the thickness of my soul. “ Ludovic, you must know that I hate a certain inflation, which is about buying basic necessities like food, housing, our means of trading, because it undermines hospitality, conviviality, and everything that makes ‘being superior to owning’. On the other hand, the price of iPhones, handbags, and perfumes at their massive gross margins leaves me unimpressed. Know that the issue of women’s struggle against inflation is in my blood. My grandmother was called Elizabeth “like the Queen of England She told me I went on the Housewives Crusade in Maubeuge. By God, I loved my ancestor with a wrinkled face and sparkling eyes. I loved the word crusade because we fight like crusadersShe had … to lower prices in the market “but she hated the housewife” Another invention of the florists to reduce women to a variant of the word family “.

I discovered with Gaïa that in 1911 women, braver and more united than men, took to the streets to stand up to the merchants. With all their emotions, they rose up against those who were raising their prices much faster than their costs. she said to me: You see, little Gaia, inflation must be fought when merchants raise their prices together, in a coordinated manner. When their agreement takes precedence over their opponents, the game is distorted, and the dice is loaded She added. Saying that merchants are skilled, even if some say they are on the left, they are waiting for the right moment and increase all their prices at the same time beyond their cost price.. »

I was asking “ Perhaps your grandmother dreamed of the law of purchasing power? What would she have put there to give the French the power to buy cheaper? Energy vouchers, price blocking? »

And she answered: I doubt it, my grandmother was a rebel against the welfare state. I dreamed of a government competition. A royal ministry she was going to call the ‘Ministry of Que Choisir’, which she offered me to subscribe to for my eighteenth birthday. She dreamed of the state dismantling all the cartels. I loathed the lobbyists pushing corporate amendments to legislation. I found buyers lovely, and these beings are often misunderstood when negotiating. “Never forget that together, women have bargaining power, our only weapon against the pricing power that financial analysts value,” she told me. When I was little, I would say to her, “Grandma, why don’t you add to the debt today, because tomorrow will sing.” No, because for her it was above all the increase in the power of the creditors, but she hated them and called them usurers. No, what she wanted to break were the barriers to entering the market. It’s not “brutal” competition for us kids, she said, it’s the lack of competition that’s tough. Rather, it hoped to dismantle all the advantages gained in laws that prevent falling prices.. “

Shocked by so much feminine commitment against such a woman’s price hike, I said to her, Do you think it would be on Elizabeth’s bill? Blow up the oligopoly, the scalar sentence, the restrictions that would lower inflation. Do you think Elizabeth B and Joe Bi will unite to speculate in the markets to lower the price of raw materials?

What would it be, Ludovic, anyway, I’m counting on Elizabeth to show that a woman at the head of state would struggle differently against inflation and that she wouldn’t do the ruse of a protectionist and savior state! I hope you will fight like a lioness in defense of the threatened lions, double the budget of the DGGCRF and give all the French the right to negotiate all prices offered, because change is now!

But she added, I believe mostly in local innovation rather than centralized innovation. Did you see what this muscular policeman I imagine keeps doing? Rather than disperse the angry housewives of Maubeuge as in 1911, this elected official from Chaumontelle gave his constituents the advantage of the rates he negotiated for them without enriching himself in the process. I cried about it, because it might be a detail to you, but it means a lot to me. This means that sentiment is present in the economy, and it also confirms that by buying together we can lower prices and not just a little, and this means that 36,000 municipalities will be able to act by creating a supplier board for their components and by buying locally rather than internationally. This means that emotional BtoB will win market share over Venal BtoC. In short, I see the butterfly effect being able to turn into an anti-inflation tsunami!

So Ludovic please tell Usine Nouvelle readers to contact City Hall and elected officials and ask them to report their community-negotiated rates. Please tell all SMEs to contact other SMEs to renegotiate several contracts. Tell all consumers to share on social media the list of merchants who haven’t raised their prices recently, like Coco de Mer. And tell them to be wary of companies that analysts estimate for… »

Yes, Gaïa, I promise to tell them and if the professional and human buyers I have met in my life want to share their secrets of organizing resistance against the merchants of organized gangs, here are my contact details [email protected] . To all the generous people who are willing to work together to buy a little without making a profit, I would like to say that if we go faster alone, we go further together, so write to me and we will be organised.

you emotionally.

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