Fight hair loss with a serum of natural ingredients from Pure Switzerland

Highly concentrated serum from pure swiss brand

In Europe, more than one in four men is said to be bald, while one in two women is affected by hair loss at one time or another in her life. A concern that does not diminish with age, as a third of European men are affected by hair loss after 65 years.

This note, already recognized by Pure Switzerland, suggests combating these problems with highly concentrated products with natural ingredients. Pure Swiss is a high-quality Swiss brand, which operates from its headquarters in Geneva and already has more than 20 employees. The quality of Swiss products is well established, and Pure Switzerland Hair Serum is no exception. It has been a huge hit since its marketing began, which explains the rapid growth of the Swiss brand in recent months. It contains noble and natural ingredients that effectively prevent and limit hair loss. Among its components, there are essential oils with clinically proven efficacy: ginger oil, tea tree oil, geranium, rosemary, Japanese willow and turmeric root. These active ingredients act directly on the hair follicles. They enhance blood microcirculation which improves hair growth, and deeply nourish hair to make it thicker and more lustrous. In addition to these six essential oils, the serum also consists of glycerin to moisturize the hair, niacinamide to protect the scales from external factors as well as panthenol and brewer’s yeast to repair and strengthen hair. A true blend of noble substances that moisturize, strengthen and shine hair as well as resist hair loss.

4 to 8 week treatment to compensate for hair loss

This highly concentrated serum with natural ingredients is offered as a treatment for four or eight weeks depending on the desired results. The brand recommends an 8-week treatment to achieve maximum results. Easy to apply, just spread two to three pipettes of the serum on your scalp three to four times a week and massage until the active ingredients are fully absorbed. As a result, hair becomes thicker and shinier within a few weeks of use. Hair loss slows down and hair regains its vitality. This treatment has already shown to be effective because the brand has over 20,000 satisfied customers.

A must-have gesture in your beauty routine to breathe new life into your hair and prevent hair loss as much as possible. In the face of the success of its serum, the Swiss brand is already working on developing new hair products and accessories to expand its range in the coming months.

In addition to the quality of its products, the brand is committed to customer satisfaction: deliveries are made within 2-4 days in Switzerland, each customer has a 14-day “satisfied or refunded” guarantee, and responsive and attentive customer service to its customers six days a week. The benefits that have quickly established Pure Switzerland as a high-quality brand in the field of hair beauty.

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