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Institute artistic and cultural mircreated in December 2021 and headquartered in Paris, is collaborating for the first time with the art gallery ZamalekCairo, for an unprecedented exhibition under the title Egyptian greetings. In this exhibition taking place from June 1-21, 2022 at the Egyptian Cultural Center in Paris, 30 Egyptian artists of contemporary art, faithful to the gallery, are participating. Zamalekamong world-renowned veterans, budding youth, and lesser youths. Egyptian greetings Presents a solo work for each participating artist. Hence, 30 meticulously selected works that interact and reflect, among paintings and sculptures, in contrast to techniques, media and ideas related to the history of Egypt.

The curly-haired woman from Zainab Al-Sajini.

Regards Egyptiens is part of the list of upcoming projects organized by the Mira Art and Cultural Foundation (Mira’a). Mira aims to promote in Europe, and especially in France, artists from the Middle East and North Africa in all fields of art. way of thinking, with FromStunning contemporary images of Egypt, the true cultural identity of this region, far from clichés and news images. yI have noticed since arriving in Paris, where I have been living since 2020, that the globalized art market in France is eager to see new things. He wants to interact, regardless of what happens in Europe, with other cultures and other visual identities. Here is a new market opening up in Europe, with a wealth of galleries aimed at presenting art from the Middle East and North Africa, among others. Take, for example, the large art fair of the Middle East and North African Art Exhibition (MENART). Says Nadine Al-Jeddawi, co-founder of mirCommunications advisor in the art and culture sector and liaison officer at opera gallery. And to add: Mara’s collaboration with Zamalek Hall was a project that was born a year and a half ago, before I left for France. Zamalek, this veteran in their field, for 23 years, is a gallery that has shown me an interest in doing art projects in Europe. Witnessing significant artistic and cultural development, Egypt is a country that has also experienced political tensions, mass migrations, social unrest, and changes in its identity and cultural and visual heritage. The works presented in Regards Egyptiens were born out of all these influences that occurred at the same time, between past, present and future. “.

Geometric shapes of Mustafa Abdel Moati.

Identity Reflections

For every artist Egyptian greetings Its distinguishing mark, which evokes its identity, as a tool of technical analysis and integrity. Take, for example, the painting (2010) by the late artist Zainab Al-Sajini, which depicts a woman with curly hair and wide eyes who coexist in the greatest family serenity.

As for the colorful Egypt of Mustafa Abdel-Moati, his signed painting 2020 reveals, with its geometric compositions, pharaonic inspirations, the course of the universe, humanity heading towards the unknown in search of its balance.

In his monochrome painting (2018) in black and white and fiery green, Rabab Nimr draws from the marine world of Anfoushi’s orators. Drawing on its rural culture, by reproducing the popular and feminine puppet, Farghali Abdel Hafeez’s painting generously represents an imaginary and chaotic Egypt, ruled by the blue of the Nile and the Mediterranean.

Three people on a bicycle – Kamal El-Feki.

Adel Mustafa from the band nostalgia for the future Created by Farghali Abdel Hafeez in 2014 to convey a positive vision of the coastal city of Alexandria, he depicts in his painting (2017) a lively and luminous city that preserves the scents of its past. In the same beauty and nostalgia, Karel Homsi restores the city to its splendor and glory with a pleasant vibrancy. Egypt Homsi is placed in his sign board 2019 in the middle of the world, with the cross of life or ankh, Pegasus, fairground games, classic cars, clown …

Noha Diab fills her 2020 paintings with abstract beings from outside the earth, and light smoky spirits hovering over the city, to ensure a better future for her.

The fiberglass sculpture by Egyptian-British artist Sam Shendi carries a human, psychological and even multicultural dimension and places man at the center of the universe.

With great lightness, Kamal al-Fiqi carves small heads and large bodies. His three characters on bicycles, with silly Egyptian features, are free in the wind, on their journey into the unknown.

Characterizing the orchards and the rustic side of his hometown of Minya, the highly committed bronze sculpture (2021) by Nathan Doss combines references and blends them with his rural origins. Aya Al-Falah, in her naive abstract art, chooses folk expressions, childish and spatial creatures, doodles, countryside landscapes…

In his 2021 painting Sameh Ismail transposes Arabic calligraphy, with graffiti-like inscriptions, to create a flexible, swinging canvas, close to the pulse of the Egyptian street.

Hana El-Sigini, in her 3D sculptural drawing, shows highly human, emotional and nostalgic family scenes, inspired by Pop Art, to represent her childhood living in Egypt, before leaving for Germany.

clinging to women

Painting (2022) by Hossam Dirar, its heroines includes sensual women with loose hair and refined faces, in a fragmented and plump duality, full of optical illusions. it’s the” I Tortured by the artist. In a painting (2019) by Emad Ibrahim, the rural woman is painted misty black. The magnolia flower in the iconic painting (2021) of Naama al-Diwani is subtly paired with childhood heroes, and is a symbol of self-liberation, independence, contemplation and self-balance.

With unlimited looks and interactive bets, Egyptian greetings Open to new recipients for any communication exchange.

from 1Verse – Until June 21, 2022 at the Egyptian Cultural Center, 111 Rue Saint-Michel, Paris.

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