Beauty: You want long hair for summer, all tips work!

long hair She is for many Femininity and sensuality. What do we want to let our hair grow to be The most beautiful this summer. How do I do ?

Help your hair grow faster!

It’s (almost) up to you to get longer hair. According to the people and thus certain criteria, Every month, your hair strands will grow from 0.6 to 1.3 cm.

every 12 weeksAround, Cut your tipsBecause if damaged, growth will slow. Cut to make it longer, no, there is no contradiction!

Nourish your hair with conditioner Taking the right products according to your hair type is essential for faster growth.

Finally, we must rely on good dietsubordinate food supplement As needed (eg brewer’s yeast) and a good night : If you are in good health, so is your hair And they grow faster.

As you age, hair becomes dull: a reaction

Not only at the age of twenty you can have long hair. though, As you age, hair may become dulldue to hormonal changes.

In addition, When hair is long, it tends to be more brittle. So it is essential to take care of it with every shampoo.

then after the last (Rinse with very warm or cold water, adding vinegar for hair to make it super shiny), he is after shampoo and so Mask with natural oils Like jojoba oil to leave on for 10 minutes, or even more if you find your hair is too dry.

Massage your hair!

Running your hand over and over your hair can make it greasy faster, that’s a fact.

However, if you are going to shampoo your hair the next day, think about it massage your hair. with circular motionsyou go Promote oxygenation and blood circulation in the blood At the level of your skull: It is good for hair growth.

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