After an IVF goes wrong, this couple abandons their baby right after birth

After resorting to surrogacy, an American couple decided to abandon the baby soon after birth.

This American couple has been trying for a baby for many years. But after several consecutive miscarriages, many tears and enduring suffering, they decided to look for a surrogate mother. The latter became pregnant after in vitro fertilization (IVF) performed with their respective reproductive cells. The pregnancy went wonderfully and the expecting parents built a trusting relationship with the surrogate.

Unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned at the time, as the unidentified man on Reddit explained, in a post spotted by Cafemom. At birth, the baby’s discovery, it’s a stupor: “I knew something was wrong”says the man.

Error during in vitro fertilization

As described in his post, The boy had Asian features, black hair and brown eyesWhile he and his wife Monday “White, blond and blue eyes”. A real misunderstanding of a couple who wants to be biologically related to their child. Then they decided to take a DNA test, which revealed that the man is not the biological father of the child. An investigation was opened immediately, show it The agency and sperm bank got it wrong at the time of in vitro fertilization.

“We don’t care about race, We’re just upset that the baby isn’t our babyIf it was white and not me, we’d be totally pissed. The surrogate was also heartbroken when we told her what had happened, but we couldn’t keep the baby because she already had five children.”Father explains.

An unfair decision for a child

Anger and disappointment are great for the couple, who then decided not to keep the child and entrust him with adoption. A decision that netizens consider unfair.

“I know the question is a lot, but can’t you really find a place in your heart for this kid? He still blesses you and your wife and You must be loved like no other childe “Someone explains.

“The child is biologically bound to your spouse. If you use biology to justify the fact that you have a moral right to abandon the child, A woman abandons her child in an unethical mannerYou don’t even consider it your own.”He adds another.

But the man did not change his mind. He and his wife, the legal guardians of the infant She called an adoption agency to find him a loving home.

A similar story to Jamie’s case in 2014

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time a story like this has gone viral in the media. In December 2013, as part of surrogacy, a 21-year-old surrogate mother gave birth to twins to an Australian couple. If the little girl is doing well, the little boy, Jamie, has trisomy 21 and heart problems. Upon arriving in Bangkok, the couple chose itGiving up a baby to a Thai surrogateand took her twin sister only in good health.

many years ago, Surrogacy (GPA) is developing dramatically in some countries Such as Denmark, Holland, Russia, Greece, Canada or even some American countries. Recourse to surrogacy is an opportunity for many couples, who cannot have children, to become parents. But there can be deviations as these terrible stories show us. In France, this practice is still prohibited.

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