After 3 years of relationship, her boyfriend leaves the apartment due to an argument…and never comes back

In a touching testimony, a young American woman recounts how she overcame her painful breakup. An open letter that gives hope to those going through a difficult time.

Lisa Bertuso is a comedy writer based in New York and the Hudson Valley. Tuesday, June 7, the young woman explained how she overcame her breakup in the columns of Insider magazine.

Lisa Bertuso. Image credit: Ruben Hernandez

A weeping testimony to the truth

The least we can say is that the latter has been through a difficult period. Her then boyfriend left her after a petty argument after three years of relationship.

During this period, the couple was about to move to the Big Apple together: “I couldn’t wait to mix up our dirty laundry, bickering about whose turn it was to get hair out of the bathtub drain, and snoring next to each other”as Lisa says in her testimony.

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The two lovebirds had also planned to get married and buy a house out of town: “I told my friends and family that we were engaged, a designation I used to signify that our future together was about to begin.”. But his dreams did not come true.

One Saturday morning, a month before moving home, her boyfriend decided to put an end to their story in a brutal way. During this fateful morning, the latter expressed his fear of not finding a job in New York.

For her part, Lisa did everything she could to reassure him, to no avail: He wanted analysis and over-analysis to mitigate all risks. I wanted him to trust me, trust us and in this new phase, because love isn’t a risk worth taking?.

A difficult but life-saving break

After a few hours of arguing, he threw his backpack over his shoulder and left without looking back. never came back. Unsurprisingly, this sudden breakup came as a real shock to Lisa: “In the weeks and months that followed, I tried to understand my pain. I cried on my therapist’s sofa (…)”.

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Unsurprisingly, the young woman was convinced that she would never rise, but simply forgot that time heals pain and calms hearts. The writer was able to rebuild herself after removing her doubts and other doubts.

She also realized that her ex-husband did not like her: “I thank my ex for teaching me the truth of love. If it is true, even when things get tough, we don’t run away, we stay.”.

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