Try the bowl method to wash it

If your hair is curly, you know how difficult it can be to take care of it. To pamper them and find the perfect curls, social networks are your best friends. Whether on TikTok, Instagram or even Youtube, many internet users share files Best advice to maintain and strengthen Curly hair. And if all the tips on these platforms are not good, some of them are really worth trying.

One of the most popular beauty tips for people with curly hair? The bowl method, understood in French as “the method of the vessel”. A technique with a funny name tried by cosmetic effects deyaa, known on TikTok as curlyzia.xo. Since then, she has totally embraced the bowl method to cleanse and enhance her beautiful blonde curls.

How to wash your curly hair properly?

Convinced by the Bowl Method, the latter regularly shares this secret on TikTok…and every time, her video elicits the same enthusiasm. “Every time I share this technique, a lot of people tell me it has helped them a lot.” She said in one of her videos from last year.

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In this video in question, Zia shares with her community the various key steps to follow to perform the popular bowl method. First, she washes her hair, rinses off the shampoo, and then applies the conditioner. Before rinsing off her treat, comb her lengths. The young woman then uses two other products on her hair, a curl cream and a treatment. Without rinsing. she pole lengths, then dip them in a salad bowl fulllukewarm water 4 times.

Well-defined curls using the bowl method

“Some of the products you apply will be rinsed out in the process, but since they end up in the water in the bowl you’re using, some will reapply into the hair. The water will also help the product better penetrate the hair fiber, resulting in additional hydration.”, Lizzie Carter, founder of Only Curls, told Stylist UK. Finally, Tiktokeuse Zia brushes her hair back and ends up applying a styling cream.

Every time a girl with curly hair shoots this way on TikTok, the result is the same. The curls are perfectly defined, well rounded and above all very shiny. In short, a dream hair. And if initially the technique is intended for people with wavy and curly hair, then it is quite possible to implement the bowl method on fine hair.

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