The civil hearing has been postponed to September 6 in GAP

Will this succession issue be resolved? Sandrine Devillard, the wife of a farmer in the Oats-Alpes, who has specified that she does not want to bequeath any of her property to her wife, appeared again in Gap Court on Tuesday to obtain what she considers to be her due. The session was eventually postponed.

The love story unleashes emotions in the small village of Puy-Saint-Pierre. Ten years have passed, but the highly publicized and controversial romance of Sandrine Devillard and Marcel Amfaux has yet to reveal all of her secrets. On Tuesday, the widow of the wealthy farmer appeared in Gap High Court to claim his right to a civil inheritance this time.

Discovering the will

The couple was talked about in the small village of Hautes-Alpes of 500 people. In September 2011, Marcel Ampho, a farmer who owns lots of land, married Sandrine Devillard, a real estate agent twenty years his junior.

Rumors spread in Puy-Saint-Pierre. What if she married this beautiful, long, golden-haired woman of the heritage of an Alpine hermit, the nickname Marcel Ampho? As soon as the cotton wedding was over, Marcel Amphox asked for a divorce. But the procedure was not completed, the farmer lost his life on a road trip in November 2012.

Now, Sandrine DeVillard, a widow, must receive her late husband’s estate in full, as the law of succession provides. But one document changed everything.

“Nothing for my wife”

A few months after the death of Marcel Ampho, a relative of the farmer came across the will of the deceased. What a discovery! In this document, written shortly before the accidental death of the Alps, it seems that this reference could not have been clearer: “Nothing for my wife.” A series of four small words deprives Sandrine DeVillard of an inheritance in favor of the deceased’s tenants.

The widow turns the situation upside down. For her, it is clear that her husband was pressured by the tenants. She goes to the police station where she files a complaint for abuse of weakness, extortion and attempted fraud. But in March 2019, the sentence was overturned. The Court of Cassation excommunicates Sandrine DeVillard, who has decided to fight again and again.

The civil hearing scheduled for today in the Gap has been postponed to September 6, 2022.

Julia Pellegrini and Charlotte Lesage

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