She warns against Brazilian smoothing after losing her hair

We are not satisfied with what we have. Therefore, more often than not, women with smooth hair like to make it curly, while women with curly hair prefer to get it straight. For this, if this is your case, there are several methods available to you. You can for example bet on a hair straightener, brushing hair, or a more radical choice of Semi-permanent straightening.

Whether it’s tannin, French, Japanese, or even Brazilian, they all have the same goal: to turn curls into hair. Absolutely seamless. A method that allows you to keep the lengths of the “baguette” for about 6 months. To preserve it and maintain its softness for as long as possible, you are simply asked to pay attention to the care that one uses. It is moisture and even water resistant. A dream that nevertheless turned into a nightmare for this woman who was captured in the columns of Stylist UK magazine.

situation out of control

On the occasion of her cousin’s wedding, the young woman made the decision to go to the hairdresser and opt for a Brazilian hair straightener. Thus, for this event, she will have beautiful, soft and shiny hair. As soon as I left the hair salon, the English woman was not disappointed. The result before/after was exactly what I expected. On the other hand, everything deteriorates rather quickly. “Soon after, I felt itching and pain in my scalp I was losing a bunch of my hair every day” She told the newspaper. Fearing what was happening to her, she immediately made an appointment with her GP. The expert was then able to confirm that she was allergic to Brazilian hair straightening.

“Although my hair looked great and was easy to maintain, it wasn’t worth it given the amount of hair I lose” explained. With each brush stroke, the English lady saw hair fall to the floor. ‘I was helpless, and I can’t control my hair loss’. I have tried to combat this phenomenon better different treatments. However, none of them succeeded. In 4 months, the young woman lost half of her hair. “It was disastrous,” From her point of view.

How do we explain this sudden hair loss?

It could actually be the formaldehyde (or formalin) found in lotions. In response to a question from Stylist UK, Dr Sabine Donnai specifies “Formaldehyde is a chemical that is toxic to the system and can cause a whole host of complications…from skin irritation to asthma, hair loss and an increased risk of cancer.” Even the expert specifies that the recommended doses are not always respected, even in the mentioned care products Formaldehyde free. “Studies have proven that most of one’s products contain a concentration of formaldehyde Five times higher than the recommended level.”

Therefore, if a reaction occurs (the scalp heats up, becomes red, irritated, etc.), consult immediately Doctor. Finally, as a precaution, do not straighten your hair alone at home. Don’t go to the first hairstylist to offer this kind of service either. Find out in advance, and also look at the reviews of customers left on the Internet. Finally, if you tend to have allergies or skin reactions, feel free to ask your hairdresser to do a test on a very small portion of your scalp beforehand.

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