Nabila: Thomas Vergara announces news after his heavy operation!

On his Snapchat account, Thomas Vergara gave news about his wife Nabila, after she underwent an extensive maternity surgery!

On Sunday, June 5, Nabila announced important news for her fans. revealed that she has. Her husband, Thomas Vergara, also spoke up after his extensive operation.

A cesarean delivery is a heavy operation.

Two days ago, Nabila posted a new photo on her Instagram account. She appeared with her newborn in her arms. The beauty announced to her fans that her second child, Little boy, he has finally joined the family.

Little Leyann is indeed the greatest happiness of Nabella and her husband, Thomas Vergara. On his Snapchat account, the latter also spoke. He spoke after his wife’s major operation.

At first it started: “Thank you all for your messages. Everything went well.”. before adding that his sweetheart is “broken”. He also gave his news.

Milan and Lianne’s father revealed: “It is true that a caesarean section is a heavy operation.”. As captured: “We are with little Leyann. Look how cute he is. Everything is brown.”.

Nabila’s husband continued: “He looks a lot like his brother. Milan was blond when he was born. Leanne has a lot of hair. never cryIt is amazing “. but that is not all.

The young woman wanted to apologize for her absence from social networking sites. Root: “And sorry for not having you any more, I’m in terrible shape. Subsequently, her husband was captured in the name of his son.

Nabila is very happy in her family

Nabila’s husband explained: ” You like, We are so happy. We have planned two first names, a girl and a boy. The funny thing is that Leyann was picked for Milan two years ago..

Follow Thomas Vergara: “We also had a very pretty girl’s name. But he’s a little kid and that suits him well, Lian.”. One thing is for sure, and that is that parents are truly in love since the birth of their child.

Nabila is also happy because she was born in France. On social networks, she also gave the reason for this choice. “I’ll be honest, that’s also why I’m going to Paris, that’s all, my grandmother, she can come and see me”.

Milan and Leanne’s mother also said: “She’ll be able to stay with me for weeks and weeks, well, max anyway”. Besides, his grandmother was already capable Meet the newborn.

On social networks, Nabila shared a photo. If her pregnancy was somewhat difficult, the beauty looks happier than ever. She looks drenched in love with her family.

Fans hope she shares her feelings about her new life as a quad. We must be patient before we know more. case to follow!

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