Juliette Bauer wants to live from music and you will live from it

“I want to make a living from music,” says Bourg-born Juliette Bauer, who left for Vendôme in March to work for an insurance company. Her colleagues know that she sings and even encourages her. like his parents.
After studying at Henrichemont College and Alain Fournier High School, Juliette Bauer studied Law at the Bourges branch and then obtained a BTS in International Trade in Sainte-Marie, with good command of English and German.

If she’s been working at this insurance company since September 2021, her eyes, ears, and mind are really geared toward the music.

“When I was young, I listened to a lot of music, my parents loved bands like Eurythmics and Depeche Mode. I participated in the Vocalson Choir with Isabel and Eric Heitz, a music teacher at Henrichemont College, but I had no passion for music. On the other hand, I loved the vocal recordings And the dubbing is in the cinema. The flick will take place in 2019, when you see Zaz’s concert at the Printemps de Bourges.” That’s when I realized I’ve always wanted to do it. She was inside me and suddenly came out. I realized that I did not want to be in the crowd, but on the stage,” adds the young woman.

From there, everything goes together. It has absolutely no musical basis and should also focus on studies. Closure would be a blessing. A computer, Apple Garageband, her bedroom with her parents composing her first song, I knowearly 2021.

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This first song is being traded, and submitted to the Groover platform competition that connects music professionals. Juliette Bauer is among the five winners selected by the jury. The title is broadcasted by Radio New that still resonates in the Bourg not so long ago and even in the clubs of Saint-Tropez to start the evening. I know It can be found on streaming platforms.

“I recorded this title at Luna Records studio in Bourges. I was told my voice is special and fresh. My music is based on the sounds of the ’80s with synths and percussion.

Of course, I do everything on my own and with permission as best I can. Well, I know since childhood whether an observation is true or false, but without naming it. »

“I have no other alternatives. I have two hundred pieces.”

A five-track EP was released six months later. Breathe has five titles and is of course a launching pad for an album that Juliette Bauer already has titled, dark. “He should have ten or thirteen titles but the problem is mainly financial. This is expensive. 6000 euros for an album and then for an album…” she raised.

I worked with a sound engineer, Matthew Noy, but what you need is a producer and a recording company.

Anyway, Juliette Bauer doesn’t budge, it’ll be the music, that’s it. “They tell me I sound like Bjork or Kate Bush, and I have Mylene Farmer’s hair. I want to live from music and I’ll live from it. You just have to give me the means and wait another three years. But I have no alternative. My work allows me to invest in my future career. I have two hundred pieces At the store,” said a Zaz and Calogero fan.

Francois Lesper
Practice. For more information, Juliettebauerofficiel.com

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