“It really is a cause that affects everyone”

Rodriguez will shave her hair for Leucan

© Photo Élise Brouillette – The Action

Gertrude Dion, volunteer, and Marthy Blanchett, who will shave her hair on June 19.

Marthee Blanchett, of St. Alphonse Rodriguez, will shave her hair on June 19 to donate money to support children with cancer and their families. If her official goal is to raise $1,000, she trusts that in fact, she hopes to be able to raise ten times more for the cause.

Marthy Blanchett, formerly a social worker, retired for a few years. She notes that she has always been an active woman, until she had an accident, the effects of which she still suffers from. However, when I heard about the Leucan Shaved Head Challenge over the radio, I immediately felt the challenge and wanted to take action and make a difference.

“Godson is battling cancer and his son has leukemia. On my mother’s side, many of my relatives have had cancer, not to mention many residents and friends here in St. Alphonse. The people we care about.”

For nearly two weeks now, the Rodriguaise family has decided to start and fundraise. She is supported by several volunteers, including Gertrude Dion, who accompanied her during her interview with Laaction. The latter had personally suffered from cancer, from which she thankfully recovered.

“It is an issue that touches everyone and leads to trust. We feel that with the last years of the pandemic, there is a need for discussion and participation. When they come to donate, people take the time to tell us a lot of things.”

At the time of their meeting with the newspaper, the two women visited Galerie Juliet and several businesses in their municipality to raise funds. Already, Marthe Blanchette was close to her goal, assuring her that she would be able to donate a much larger sum to Leucan. She also mentioned that she has a set of ideas to attract residents in an atmosphere of fun and humour. She also challenges fathers to make a $1 donation to her on Father’s Day.

The Shaved Head Challenge will take place on June 19, 10am-4pm, at Sainte-Marcelline-de-Kildare Community Center. People are invited to come and support the cause and Martha Blanchett will auction off her locks of hair. In fact, it would be possible to shave the wick in exchange for a donation.

It is possible to support the Marthe Blanchette Challenge in Saint-Alphonse stores (gas station, Variétés 343, Proxim pharmacy) or by contacting her via email at [email protected]

Marth Blanchett

© Photo Élise Brouillette – The Action

Marth Blanchett and Gertrude Dion.

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