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Mito – on one side the blonde. It is seen as a bit fake. She was dressed discreetly for the occasion, dressed elegantly, her hair subtly flowing with sophistication, or, conversely, tied in a braid around her slightly distinguished face. Embarrassed and unloved Amber Heard. On the other hand: the star. Chewing gum in the mouth, careless, sarcastic, indifferent behavior, on rare touching occasions, not far from his image in the movie “The Pirate of the Caribbean”. The one everyone saw on the big screen adorned with his sword, the evil Trick King, has a very sympathetic image. It’s pirate Johnny Depp.

However, in an earlier trial in 2020 in England against The Sun newspaper, he lost in court. He attacked the newspaper for defamation for calling the actor a “wife-beater” after alleged domestic violence. In the virtual indifference of social networks.

This month, he was also suing Amber Heard in the US for defamation, demanding $50 million. She would theoretically have to pay 10.35 in reality, with a complicated scheme where she could recover 2 million in compensation. Although the two are considered guilty of ruining each other’s reputation, Depp won Best Picture.

“Do you have to get out of the monastery and be irreversible in order to have credibility?”

Social media justice: hashtags in combat weapons

Justice, the real, has decided. In the same sense as Depp Networks, after an awkward dump of private life details into a highly graphic, commented and peeled experience. On Amber Heard’s account is ironic, scrutiny, and sarcastic. This is the first time we’ve seen an uptick in hate over a long period, a month. With martial weapon hashtags between Bruce Depp and Pro Heard.

During the final days of the two Hollywood characters’ confrontation, #justiceforJonnhy could have totaled 12 billion views. That amber heard much less. On TikTok, the hashtag #justiceforjohnnydepp has amassed 7.5 billion views, and #amberheardisaliar 1.2 billion. The hashtag dedicated to the actress, #justiceforamberheard, including the videos, has reached 26 million views, according to the US title. from the inside May 5.

So yes. A man can be hit. A woman acting as a licensed manipulator. She can also slap her addicted husband and get beaten up without being able to prove it in court. Do you have to get out of the monastery and be irreversible to have credibility? But it is not a question of re-judging the case in terms of its subject matter, but in its form.

Remember that the trials will also soon be filmed in France. Hearings in civil, criminal, economic or administrative courts may be recorded or filmed “for reasons of public interest of an educational, informational, cultural or scientific nature,” the Ministry of Justice noted at the end of September. Project in preparation. What has been happening in the US for years will go down in France with a big difference: it will be broadcast here after the ruling and not live. to avoid overflow.

What is the impact of the ruling in such a case on freedom of expression?

The danger: Women victims may lose credibility, as Heard, the target of numerous attacks. Their word will be questioned.

With this setback, which saw professional Johnny Depp explode with glee and that of Amber Heard questioning justice, feminists question and fear the decline of women’s rights. Amber Heard est l’objet de “remarques violent misogynes et de dénigrement qui ont un effet incontestablement désastreux sur l’objectif d’encourager les femmes à porter plainte contre des conjoints, ou tout simplement des personinterro gees” Fatmar pubs ‘ FB.

If this is a backlash (Backlash, fallout, NDRL) can intimidate and raise fears of a suspension of freedom of expression, and especially of listening, the experience of #BalanceTonPorc in France shows that the opposite is likely to happen. In the balancetonporc trial, when the lower court found defamation – before the Court of Appeal and Cassation, I dismissed Mr. Brion who attacked me for mentioning his name in a tweet, when I accused him of inappropriate words – women and victims in general stopped speaking. To come back stronger after a few weeks of pronouncement, after the shock. in other forms. Often anonymously. And much more violent than the open.

Effects of previous sermons

Thus was born – #balancetonagency, for example, to denounce abuses in the advertising industry. This led to recent layoffs in Havas and other penalties at lesser known agencies. But it took two years of increasing certifications. Next, founder Anne Boistard, a backpacker for advertising, wanted to go out anonymously, after a long period of hesitation. #BalanceTonPorcOfficiel was swarmed with messages from angry women who were looking for another way to denounce, and failed to file a complaint.

The PPDA cases came to a head as #balancetonporc suffered a legal setback and Florence Purcell, the plaintiff against the famous journalist, dismissed her first complaint. Other women who had to undergo advances and more PPDA organized themselves into kits for more weight. More than twenty of them decided to speak up.

Disappointment and anger, instead of annihilating words, increased it tenfold. With Heard-Dieb’s symbolic trial across the Atlantic, convictions are likely to multiply. Exactly the opposite of the expected effect. The women we want to silence will express themselves more.

After losing this tour, Amber Heard announced that she would resume. Revenge of a blonde.

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