Claire Josseran Schmidt, the secretive and omnivorous lawyer in the November 13 attacks trial

She is a lawyer for the 37 civil parties to the November 13, 2015 attacks trial, and she is also “the one who managed to persuade Salah Abdeslam to speak”. Claire Goceran-Schmidt prepares to speak on the final day of the civil parties’ arguments.

Attorney Claire Josseran Schmidt during the trial © AFP / Geoffroy VAN DER HASSELT / AFP

If he wasn’t there, this afternoon at the end of March, this amazing conversation with Salah Abdeslam, the lead defendant in the November 13, 2015 assaults trial, may have gone unnoticed by some, lost like many others in the flock of civil party lawyers who formed in this trial. Because Claire Goceran-Schmidt is the conservative type. “I’m not very fun‘, apologizes, in the preamble to our meeting. Only if.

I’m Jociran Schmidt One of the most crowned black dresses in this trial in Islamic terrorism cases. Experienced fans, first and foremost. Since the end of 2015, she has been the attorney for the victims of the Bataclan. Then, very quickly, one of the representatives in the courtrooms of the French Association of Victims of Terrorism (AFVT). As such, it has multiplied the prosecutions of terrorist networks. This is what was said of “Cannes-Torcy”, in 2017. Those of the jihadist sectors of Nîmes, Lonil. During these sessions, she dissected, analyzed and dissected the sources of Islamic terrorism.

The trial of ISIS cadre Tyler Velos, the trial of the Notre Dame gas canister detonation. But Claire Goceran-Schmidt is not content with the benches of the court to understand this. “I wanted to protect my expertise.“So, a mother of two children—now 8 and 10—also uses the Sorbonne benches and continues, for a year, Specializing in the repair of bodily injuries. “I went to evening classes, wrote notes in the cafe, as if I were a student, I was taking my written exams, my big oral exams. I lived a quadruple life. “

clear path

Because it is, Claire Jociran-Schmidt. The kind who wants toEverything is fully protected and auditedTrial of the Champs-Elysees Attack and Trial of Reza Cricket. Kind of lists too. Those are a thousand things that you still intend to do in this life. His father’s life and upbringingDifficultAt first she drew it for her and her four other children. “We had to outgrow, when we got home at 18/20, we asked where the two missing points had gone. We had to play music too. Eight years of the ukulele. She preferred the piano. must “Get social standing“Second. Become his elders.”Dental Surgeon, Physician, Financial Manager“.

I tried, as a bit of good, first.”get out of the way“He passed the first stage of admission to the Poole School. But”In my family, making art wasn’t on the shelvesSo she went back to law. And this career as a criminal lawyer made her dream come true as a child watching “Iron Man” and his stories about lost cases. So that would be the law. A criminal.”During my studies, I understood that it would be difficult to become a women’s criminal attorney, which made me double my motivation.She was sworn in in February 2001 and established herself in this highly masculine worldDespite my anemone voice“She laughs.”Maybe I was just a little more cowboy than I am now.Indeed, with his long gray hair, short stature, and calm smile, the lawyer does not really look like a tough man.

There was also so much sweetness in his voice, this Wednesday, March 30th. For hours, Salah Abdeslam refused to answer questions and even look at the person who asked them. Then it was her turn.Mr. Abdus Salam, we have a little problem though. Because you promised me an answer one last time.“The attempt is a blow. Behind his mask, we guess the smile of the main accused. The connection is established. Salah Abd al-Salam leaves his silence. And he will accept, until the end of the trial, to give his explanations on the facts.”Why is he answering me that day? Not because we are friends. But because he understood that I would listen to him.And then, she adds,Salah Abdel Salam is one of the defendants who received me since the beginning of the trial“. On the benches of lawyers, some congratulate her, others scold her for bowing to the jihadi.When I sat down again, I started getting a lot of messages. I just wanted to hide under the bench. And when I understood that I was going to put my name in the papers, I wanted to disappear.

A thousand strings to his guitar

I stayed after all. He continued to make his own contribution to this trial. The trial of the January 2015 attacks. Trial of the Villejuif Network. If recent years have logically led to this historic trial of the November 13, 2015 attacks, the precedent is less linear. Or even completely extravagant. Drama in the first place. Her mother’s illness: a cancer she will fight against, for a period of six years. Which ends up winning, too small. Claire Goceran-Schmidt, she started making her lists”Because we really only have one life“.at the top is written”Byzantine mosaic cycleHis dream.

So she drops everything, goes on vacation from the pub, joins Italy and the studio of one of the greatest artists in the field. Now one of her best friends. “TravelAlso featured in a good position on the list is Claire Josseran-Schmidt She became an air hostess and linked, for two years, to Air France, all the capitals of Europe On average and then in the long run. You won’t recognize it as the Ribbon period, crossed one day at a strange stopping turn. “What did he pretend not to?“The lawyer smiles mischievously. Then the jewelry industry will come. And then,”At some point, I felt like I had satisfied my need to face the harsh limits of life.”.

Claire Josserand-Schmidt wears the dress again, resuming from “The Master” and the Path to the Body. without giving up his wish lists. I went to the piano, after all. play daily”to disconnect“.works out regularly, swims now and then.”I dive whenever I can“Another of his emotions. Devoured to the point”They spent fortunes on it“, admits the criminal lawyer.”If I don’t own my house today, it’s because of diving. “

In short, Claire Goceran-Schmidt ultimately only has one regret: She’s approaching 50 and her days are still only 24 hours. Especially since, in addition to the rest, she would like “Be a super wife, a super mom, a girlfriend of the century, a great sister, the boss who loves everyone, the lawyer who loves everyoneBut with all this, you have not yet found the magic formula. “Spell”And the They sang the Eagles of Death Metal in one of their songs. Claire Goceran-Schmidt is also their attorney.

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