Breasts (also) are sexual organs!

Do women demand the right to go topless?

Gorgeous, go ahead, ladies!

Free the mammary glands!

But know one thing: you may repeat a thousand times a day that breasts are not sexual organs, 99.9% of heterosexual men see it that way.

Whether you agree or not.

And these guys, when they come across you, will look at your breasts.

With more attention are watching your ears.

I don’t know if it’s cultural or biological, but it’s a fact.

Women’s breasts excite the vast majority of men.

Breast is not an elbow

I’ve always wondered how nudists manage to get sexual desire.

For me, seeing naked women from morning to evening (at tennis, in the restaurant, at the grocery store, in the hair salon, in the garden, in the dentist’s waiting room, etc.), would spoil my sexual desire.

What’s exciting about unbuttoning a woman’s shirt (yes, of course, and the legal age – do we have to specify that every time we talk about sex? That makes sense to me) is to get the impression of defying the taboo.

It’s an interesting puzzle.

Infringement, to use the preferred term of Georges Patai, who firmly believed that institutionalized desire was forbidden.

Finally being able to see what’s hidden from us!

If tomorrow all women are forbidden to show their elbows, I am sure that after 200 years men will fantasize about women’s elbows.

The day seeing breasts will be as common – and not as exciting – as seeing elbows or ears, well, that day I’ll lower my flag.

2 speeds

Regarding the famous controversy over the “liberation” of the breasts…

Have you noticed that most Western feminists who fight to allow women to roam topless in public do not dare criticize the misogyny of some believers who forbid their wives and daughters to show their hair?

“Ah yes, but that is part of their culture…”

Uh, it is not part of Western culture to hide women’s breasts?

No, this is puritanism, sexism, and misogyny!

A manifestation of patriarchal dictatorship!

It’s crazy how variable the discontent of these activists is…

sex without sex

Some people seem to dream of “de-sexualizing” sex.

It removes all ambiguity…

Can you imagine a world where seeing a breast isn’t more exciting than seeing a toe? Where are the genitals devoid of their share of magic? Where only tips are considered, isn’t it more exciting than a visit to Réno-Dépôt?

I’ve been to beaches before where women weren’t wearing bikinis.

And you know what? Yes, I looked at their chest. And I felt a certain excitement.

Because breasts for me and all of my friends are sexual organs.

I’m not obsessed.

I’m just an honest hetero.

In good working condition.

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