5-second technology to rinse your hair properly

Everyone has their own way of washing their hair. Whether it is curly, straight, curly, curly or wavy, the frequency of washing and the products used depends on their nature. But when it comes to rinsing, everyone should be careful to remove all traces of the hair product. This final technique may help you rinse your hair properly.

5-second rinse technology

It was Maria Barras, the fashion designer interviewed by Vogue Spain, who explained the rule Rinse five seconds. “I say always rinse your hair so you can run your hand through your hair so there’s no trace of conditioner,” she said. “At this point, keep rinsing for another five seconds to make sure you don’t leave any residue.” In other words, even if you think you’ve removed all traces of hair products from your hair, rinse for another five seconds.

Maria Baras also recommends rinse her hair With cold water, “to close the cuticle and refresh the hair with a light scalp massage.” Even if, according to an American study, rinsing your hair with cold water would not actually be beneficial for the hair.

How do you rinse your hair properly?

When you don’t rinse your hair properly, there is a risk of finding thick hair that tends to get greasy quickly. A good rinse promises shiny, breathable and voluminous hair. But what are good tips for rinsing your hair well?

  • Rinse with clear but moderate water

Therefore, cold water will not be ideal for removing traces of hair products. On the other hand, hot water can burn and even strip the scalp. It is better to bet on moderate water, which does not freeze under it, but under it does not burn either.

  • Rinse your hair enough

After applying your shampoo or conditioner, it’s essential to rinse your hair until you feel coarse or “flaky” hair from roots to ends. Your hair should not slip between your fingers. If so, there are still traces of hair products.

  • Rinse hair with apple cider vinegar

Since apple cider vinegar is rich in calcium and minerals, it helps to re-balance the pH of the scalp, makes it more shiny, and also eliminates dandruff. So you can add two to three tablespoons in a liter of water, and then rinse your hair with it. However, be careful not to use this technique more than once a week.

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