15 hair trends for princesses in an individual style

Are you looking for easy hairstyle ideas for a little girl? You are on the right page. Whether you are planning to send your child to a birthday party or a school event, you want her to look her best. The popular 2022 hairstyles can definitely help her stand out from the rest.

Easy hairstyle for little girl: what do the 2022 trends dictate?

It’s never too early to let your little ones express themselves and one of the easiest ways to do that is to design them. There is a wide range of trendy hairstyles for girls 2022 which allow them to add their personality to their hair, show their playful side and stand out from the crowd.

Trendy Genie Hairstyles 2022

simple little girl pixie hairstyle

The look below suits all hair textures and lengths and can be functional and elegant or bold and creative. Does your daughter want to add a touch of color to her locks? Or maybe you prefer an unimportant alternative that is perfect for every day. Whether you’re looking for a braided hairstyle that keeps the hair tangled up or want to try out the latest trends, keep reading to find the best options.

Simple little girl hairstyle for school: bob cut with bangs

Haircut for a 7 year old girl

The 2022 bangs hairstyles for young girls offer exceptional framing, symmetry and balance. While side bangs are great for princesses with round faces, small bangs go great with a heart-shaped face, and wispy bangs smooth out frayed jaw lines. One of the great things about bangs is that they gracefully complement bobs, ponytails, high buns, long hair, and ’90s cuts, making them so versatile.

Short Haircut For Little Girl: Bob

Haircut for a 6 year old girl

2022 bob hairstyles for little girls are perfect, especially if your doll is an early fashionista. When you take care of all the accessories she’s wearing, that’s a sure sign that there’s a diva in the house. You will definitely love this haircut because it is modern and versatile.

She can adapt to all face shapes, and the design ideas are very wide. Mirrored, cut, blunt, or layered, these are just a few options for her. In addition, this haircut does not need styling. However, braids or half ponytails can be done and styled easily on most bobs.

little girl afro braids hairstyle

Little Afro Girl Hairstyle 2022

It’s a fact: all little girls love braids! And what not to love when the possibilities for design are unlimited. As a mom, you will find them handy where you can tie your little girl’s locks into a hairstyle that she will happily wear.

You can choose two bubble ponytails, one on each side, French braids or a braided crown. If your girl has afro hair, then she will definitely like box braids or cornrows that can be decorated with beads.

Bun hairstyle for wedding

Little Girl Chichun Wedding Hairstyle 2022

When we talk about wedding hairstyles, your girl should definitely look like a princess. She will be the center of attention, so not only her appearance will be important, but also her hair style.

You can choose a simple hairstyle, such as a ballerina bun, or depending on the length of her hair, you can do curls, waves, and use accessories such as decorative pins, ribbons or bows.

easy hairstyle for little girl with knot

Easy Little Girl Hairstyle 2022 Knots

If your little girl has shoulder length hair, hairstyles with bows will make her happier than ever. There are plenty of ways to take advantage of this sophisticated style, and if you’re stuck on inspiration, keep in mind that it’s very easy to pull off.

You can choose a knot that uses only the top threads, a knot placed on each side with a sequined center part, or even a low knot at the nape of the neck. This hairstyle is the perfect choice for a hair fix while your little girl is playing, it is also suitable for formal occasions.

short hair with headband

little girl short hair hairstyle with headband

Short hair is very practical for young children because it reduces styling time and requires less maintenance. If your daughter’s hair is prone to tangling, this could be a good alternative. To give the impression of length and for a youthful effect, you can add bangs to your favorite short hairstyle. However, styling short hair can be more difficult because it is not so versatile, which limits the hairstyles you can try. A great way to add personality to pieces is to use a cute and cute headband. Let your little one choose her favorite hair accessory to give her more control over her appearance.

little girl bubble ponytail hairstyles

Easy Little Girl Hairstyle 2022 Bubble Ponytail


Hairstyle for a little girl with braids

Easy hairstyle for little girl 2022

Half braided style on long hair

Simple little girl hairstyle for school

cornrow braids

little girl braid hairstyle cornrow braids

Crown braid on long hair

Little Girl Party Hairstyle Idea 2022

braided ponytail

Little Girl Hairstyle Idea 2022

Shape two cakes high

Easy hairstyle idea for the little girl 2022 two cakes

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