Sorry, but those hairstyles you see on TV (really) need to go

We are in style to be a team “Tastes and Colors / It Takes Everything to Make a World / Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder” And all the other sayings that try (somehow) to convince us that true beauty is within and that the wick does not make the monk. But we think – tell us what you think – there are limits. And honestly, this time, it’s not that bad.

We don’t go naked to the office, even if we want to. Don’t put salt in your tea, orange juice, or your coffee. Except for TikTok, but that’s another discussion. There are hairstyles that should be avoided in real life. Of course, we’re not talking about traditional and cultural hairstyles… We would never allow ourselves to criticize such things because they are so inappropriate, let’s say that, we don’t care what we think. For those who will follow, we don’t criticize (not publicly by any means), but we ask ourselves a lot of questions.

Angelina Jolie cut stolen life

There are all our favorite actresses in this awesomely sad movie. Winona Ryder (who by the way has a horrible haircut in Beetle juice and in Weird things Even if, there, we get it, because her life is really stressful), Brittany Murphy, Elizabeth Moss (I saw her hairstyle in mad men ?? !!!! what was that ?). But what we’ve really struggled with all these years is misunderstandings.

Why Angelina Jolie wears this haircut? Why are the bangs cut so short? Why is her hair so dry? In addition, he does not really fit into his role as a little pest who knows everything and wants to harm everyone. It’s more of a style for cutting sleepy girls’ locks to make a beautiful wig. The worst part is that she is not the only one. Everyone had terrible “back then” bangs. Courteney Cox in shout 3 ? Michelle Williams aka Jane from Dawson ? disaster.

chuck bass in gossip girl

In season 1 of gossip girlEveryone hates Chuck. And they are right. He is a spoiled brat, a narcissist, a manipulator, and a sexual abuser. In hindsight, one really wonders how he was able to forgive the audience. Because all he did was fall in love with Blair (who’s the best character, so it doesn’t take any character strength) and hurt him for five seasons.

You’ll get it, we also hate Chuck. But there could be one thing worse than his character, which is his haircut in season one. It is a combination of Tokyo Hotel and Seth Cohen from harbor beach : It could have been the best, but he totally missed it. All we can do is advise Chuck Bass to put less money in drugs and more in hairdressers.

Lily Wigs (sorry, lola) in Hanna Montana

Indeed, we do not understand delirium Superman And the’Hanna Montana. He puts the bug on the glasses and you don’t know who he is anymore? As a result, we’ve always been a little sad for Clark Kent and Miley Stewart. No one liked them enough to really know them. A bit like Omar Si’s show lupine. They looked, but did not see. Or vice versa. And we hope that one day, wearing glasses or a wig, our loved ones will recognize us. Or at least N+1.

Back to Lily, Miley’s best friend. When the latter becomes Hannah Montana, Lily turns into Lola. She is wearing a sloppy wig that is an insult to PP’s very rich history. We love the colors, but the texture? As bright as the eyes of a feverish child, rough as a toothbrush. Not to say anything else. It is not. I do not agree. Absolutely. You have ?

New Rapunzel haircut

Golden petals flower, spread your magic. We all know the story. A flower girl with long hair stuck in a tower and her only friend is an orchid. Not very volation, everyday. But she loves to tidy up her little studio and brush her hair. Especially since it is his mother who loves to comb his hair. Yes, that’s the summary, and no, it’s not the beginning of a slightly relaxed porn movie with incest.

Suddenly, Rapunzel has magical long and beautiful hair but she is imprisoned. When she escapes and finds out that she is indeed a princess, she has to cut her hair. We get the message: letting go of something we’d love to have something more important in the end: freedom. yes. But can’t we straighten her hair and give her a nice haircut? Was the demand great?

eleven will from Weird things

We are like Baloo. It doesn’t take much to be happy. So the new season of Weird things We are filled with happiness. We still don’t fully understand why Vecna ​​became a distant Demogorgon cousin, but okay. We allowed ourselves to calm down from the plot and Kate Bush. But there’s one thing that still bothers us a bit: the state of most of the characters’ hair.

Apart from Lucas with his flawless afro and Mike with his relaxed, hydrating long curls. Very “California Hotel”. But the rest? horror. Will the little bowl at Jacquouille la Rogue meet Agnès Varda? 11 Dry Bangs? And have you seen the condition of Jonathan’s hair? We’re not even talking about Eddie. Too bad we’re willing to take a vacation to bring in a super-nourishing conditioner to set. Yes we are there.

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