Short haircut for women

Summer not only makes you want to go on vacation, it also makes you want to change your mind, right? Tapered, layered, curly or boyish… The short women’s haircut is definitely the star of every summer season and that won’t change in the future. Whether you want to make a drastic change or give your hair a boost, now is the time to dare take that step, just as some of your favorite stars have already done. So, no more hesitations and biases. Treat yourself to a trip to the hairdresser, but a little before that, take a look at the short styles our editorial team picked for you! There is something for all ages and all tastes!

He once said a short haircut for a woman…Short haircuts for women with different ideas that work well

Long as feminist pretenses, today’s women’s short haircut is an undisputed symbol of femininity and sophistication! The trend has conquered many catwalks and red carpets in recent seasons. Kate Moss, Linda Evangelista, Audrey Hepburn, and many more famous women have popularized the cropped style over the years. And while it symbolized the equality of women and men during the Anglo-Saxon suffrage, currently the short haircut is a real necessity that accompanies the look of every modern, self-respecting lady.

Women's short haircut looks elegant with the chosen pixie cut on Instagram

If we are to be precise, there are more than two million publications on social networks accompanied by small messages, such as: “My hair is short and I don’t care what you think! Practically referring to the English ‘Short hair doesn’t care’.” In short, those who prefer a short haircut They instead aim to show their individuality while cracking hair codes!

Short haircut for women and why will it always be fashionable?

Short haircuts for women with elegant looks 2018

Why do we always talk about going back to the short haircut? Well, simply because he wants to be one of the timeless hair trends that, frankly, never left us! Having been all the rage for years, even decades, it offers you plenty of possibilities and daring in terms of performance, from the wisest to the most outlandish. A layered or straight bob, a trendy pixie cut, a boyish cut or a shaved head…whatever look you choose, a cropped style is a great way to update your look. For many women, a short haircut is also a great way to break stereotypes and get away from hair cliches!

Short haircut for women – a feminine style like no other!

Women's short hair cut looks drawn in the form of a short straight square midi line dyed dye

It is known that there was a period when all models had their hair long because it had to match a certain image. Fortunately, this is no longer the case. In recent seasons, we’ve seen quite a few ladies wearing XS cuts on catwalks or on social networks. But we can clearly say that the world has finally understood the importance of female individuality. Many Hollywood celebrities have also chosen to trade the long mane for a sophisticated short style, and for good reason.

Jordan Dunn’s short square enhanced wet look

Short haircut for women looks like star drawing on social media platforms 2018

Aside from the elegant look that a short haircut on your head will call for, it will definitely give you the coolness you are looking for in the hot summer months! Not to mention the fact that shoulder length hair takes less time to wash and style. From a soft square bob with or without bangs, to a colorful pixie cut to a “shaved head”, the variety of styles is enormous!

Short haircut for curly women to boost it in summer

Short haircut for women curly helsey red carpet style

As always, our editorial team takes inspiration from the stars’ hottest looks on the red carpet and on various websites and blogs. So, after Jordan Dunn’s short bob shown above, we continue our runway show of modern cuts in Halsey’s short, curvy style that leaves us speechless. The American singer opts for bold, ultra-smooth hair that combines a wet look with gorgeous curls! A look that suits her perfectly and only enhances the beauty of her face. If you’re blessed with wavy hair, but feel that curls are a privilege somewhat reserved for the tall guy, think again right away and go short without further ado!

Short haircut for women, helsey pixie haircut, fashionable blonde gray haircut, red rapis color

Given that Halsey wants to be one of the many chameleon stars who change up their hair look overnight, we continue with another chic look the singer gave us a while ago: an ultra-chic, short pixie cut in platinum blonde. It is an attractive look for all women with slender and oval faces like Halsey’s. A Pixie cut will highlight all your facial features. Even if you have a high forehead, you can always opt for the longer version while still letting some strands fall above your eyebrows. Feminizing and rejuvenating, this look would be perfect for women over 40.

to cut Poetry Short for women with a round face

Short haircut for women with a round face and a short style with bangs, a short fake pixie cut

If you have a round face, you are probably well aware of how difficult it can be to find the right short haircut for women. But rest assured! It is not true that there are no short styles that will suit this type of face. exactly the contrary! The sinking box women’s short cut with bangs heavily tapered to the side, also called the “false short” can be the best solution for you, as it reduces volume on the sides and adds height! If your hair is straight brown and you add blond, caramel or hazel locks of hair, you will add more “length” to your round face. It is important that the hair is easy to style and that the hairstyle is easy to maintain in general.

Short haircut for women – a radical change worth it!

Short haircuts for the face 2018

Shaving your head is no longer a privilege reserved for men! Minimal and original haircuts for women is definitely the new hair trend that has already sublime many skulls. In addition to decoding all the models, “Buzz Cut” tempts everyone, from movie stars to bloggers on social networks. True proof that hair symbols have changed, this short haircut for women is irresistible and even more trendy if accompanied by beautiful coloring. Ash blonde, woolly or even strawberry… You are spoiled for choice to improve your new short style. So, before you take the plunge, take a quick look at our slideshow and find the hair inspiration you’ve been dreaming of for years!

Short haircut for afro women trendy side curl

Short haircut for women from Afro Lupita

Short haircut for women Audrey Tautou huge wavy square

Short haircut for modern women is an ideal idea for an oval face

Short haircut for women blonde short square bangs

Short wavy square haircut for women with soft bangs

Short haircut for women short wavy square side parting

Short Square Tapered Women's Haircut With Pink Tie Dye Coloring

Short Haircuts For Women Colorful Medium Long Square With Side Bangs

Short haircut for women with a tapered and wavy look for women over the age of 40

Women's short shoulder length wavy square wild haircut

Ultra-square short haircut for women with a decadent asymmetric effect

Short haircut for women with tapered afro hair

Short haircut for women afro pixie haircut is an original idea suitable for old women

Short haircuts for women tapered curly hair rejuvenation effect

Zendaya's Ultra Feminine Haircut for Women

Emily Ratajowski Short Haircut For Women Short Square Shaped Plunging Center Parting

Emma Arthurton short haircut for women with a well-groomed pixie cut

Well-groomed fairy blond wool short haircut for women

Short haircut for women Halle Bennett's blonde gradient haircut

Short hair styles for women ideas for wavy afro hair

Short hair styles for women ideas for curly afro hair

Short haircut for women, a young girl, a practical, feminine look

Short haircut for women pixie cut Kate Mara

Kerry Washington short straight haircut for women

Lily Collins short pixie haircut with zip effect

Short haircut for women Lucy Hale square wavy parting

Nina Ricci Women's Short Asymmetric Square Wool Blond Short Haircut

Short haircut for women over 50 Pixie haircut with rejuvenating effect

Short haircut for women Arctic blonde red arctic haircut on the red carpet for Charlize Theron

Short haircut for women pixie cut degraded

Short haircut for women Pixie haircut on thick and wavy hair

Short haircut for women pixie cut version Fake camouflage short hair

Short haircut for women Ruby Rose

Short Haircut for Women Tessa Thompson Trend Afro Curly Short Bob

Short haircuts for women

Short fake haircut for women with curly bangs

Short haircut for women boy version natural afro hair

Short Haircut For Women Round Oval Distressed Face With Pointed Bangs

Short haircut for women Winnie the side bangs haircut

Short haircut for women Look for curly afro hair for an elongated face

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