LoL: Why did KC Rekkles erase his “Rekkles” tattoo?

Photo: Rickles

Rickles He is among the best League of Legends players in the world, as evidenced by his impressive career with your fanatic And his last cup with Carmine Company. But the Swedish ADC is much more than a player: it’s an icon. With his often fashionable image and style, he weights the networks and strikes regularly, to the delight of his fans. Rekkles doesn’t have much to envy about Instagram models and it’s no coincidence that he’s considered one of the great figures on the European scene.

In the past, his Poetry His various hairstyles kept the charm of the community alive. He alternated between the good and the less good, across the cake, the nearly zero ball or the kaiser cut. But there is another physical aspect that also attracts a lot of attention: a lot of it tattoo. For a long time, the Swede made an impression by tattooing his nickname on his right arm. But those who follow the player on the networks know this: time is up and he has completely erased this iconic tattoo. For those who absolutely wanted to know the reason for the gesture, Rekkles said a little more during the broadcast session.

What tattoo are we talking about?

The League of Legends world is not particularly known for tattooing, although many players enjoy the practice. But one thing is for sure, if you ask which tattoos have had the greatest impact on society, one of the first answers that comes to mind is tattoos”Rickles“Rekkles. The latter had in fact written his nickname on his right arm. If some find it a little self-centered, it has made it especially possible to emphasize the importance of the game in the identity of the Swede. On his left arm, he also engraved the letters”CMELFor those who did not know, these letters correspond to his initials: Karl Martin Eric Larson. With that, there is no way to forget his name!

During his time at G2 Esports, he was also noted to have adorned his arms with new designs, while keeping these two previous tattoos. Then it had at that time two full sleeves with different symbols (waves, scales, tribal symbols …). Everything overlapped and the result was rather harmonious… The only downside: the results among the samurai were not present in Summoner’s Rift.

Why did Rekkles remove his iconic tattoo?

However, in May, the player appeared on vacation by the pool and the community was amazed. Besides being very fit, the Swede has revealed several new tattoos. His back is well covered now, but what shocked him the most was that these two arms were now wearing fully and uniformly tattooed sleeves. “Rekkles” and “CMEL” were thus “erased”, or rather melted into the block. Many people found this option intriguing, not to say surprising. And when asked about it during the flow, the Swede gave some illustrative items.

Rekkles now wears a hooded female figure in the middle of the chest. And he wanted this tattoo to stay together, in shape one and the same table… To do this, there was only one solution: to fill all his tattoo sleeves. The patterns and inscriptions that he drew in the past were inconsistent with the harmony of the main tattoo. In half a word, he indicated that he no longer really cares about these old tattoos. Seeing them disappear was not a problem for him at all. He is very happy with the result and is feeling today Good feeling. Good news for Karmine Corp fans: Confident Rekkles are usually the Rekkles who win titles.

Carlos “ocelote” Rodriguez Santiago may be Spanish, but he maintains more than friendly relations with France and his community, unlike a particular eBay. The head of G2 Esports recently fell in love with a French singer…which is unexpected to say the least.

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